Is Ferrari Back?

Max makes history
Ferrari’s podium comeback, Max hits a record 10th win and the mystery around Ricciardo’s return. Get the latest F1 scoops and stats

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This season shows no signs of slowing down! From historic wins to team battles, we’re back with stories that’ll make your heart race faster than an F1 car on the straight at Monza.

🏆 Max Does the Double: Not only has Verstappen shattered any whispers of a curse, but he’s also smashed a record in the process.

🔴 Forza Ferrari: Tifosi, rejoice! The prancing horse has galloped onto the podium. Whether you’re team red or not, seeing Ferrari claim their spot in the limelight again was a treat for all F1 enthusiasts.

😢 Danny Ric Pause: Word on the pit lane is that we might be missing Danny Ric’s infectious smile for a bit longer.

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Speedy Race Review

📈 Italian GP in stats

Race Pace

🔵 Verstappen had some issues near the end. He was going 3 seconds slower per lap, which was confirmed over the radio.

🔴 Ferrari did really well, almost catching up to Perez. They had the 2nd best cars on the grid after Red Bull.

Russell was doing great, even with the high drag.

🟠 Norris couldn’t pass Albon the entire race showing yet again that the Williams upgrades package was a succes. – More charts here

2023 Italian Grand Prix - Race
  • Teams that did 3 stints compared to 2 had a better speed but needed an extra 23 seconds for a pit stop.
  • Teams with later stints had less fuel, so their laps were quicker.
  • Aston were the slowest team that stopped only once.
  • Haas’ tires wore out the fastest.
Teams ordered by mean laptime
Tyre Strategy
  • Half of the drivers, including big names like Verstappen and Perez, started on Medium tires and swapped to Hard
  • Hamilton and Bottas, both top 10, began on Hard and shifted to Medium around laps 25-27.
  • Magnussen also started on Hard, but ended up 18th with a different tactic.
  • Piastri could’ve done well with the Medium-Hard swap, but a collision with Hamilton forced him to pit again. Piastri nailed the fastest lap, but didn’t get the bonus point since he wasn’t in the top 10.
  • A few others, like Lawson and Zhou, used a Medium-Hard-Medium strategy at Monza.
Tyre Strategy - Italian Grand Prix
Source: Tracing Insights

⚙️ The small design detail behind Red Bull’s massive advantage in 2023?

The small design detail behind Red Bull’s massive advantage in 2023?

The Red Bull RB19 is on track to break the record for consecutive Grand Prix wins.

A victory in Singapore would make it the most successful single model in the sport’s history, overtaking the 1952-53 Ferrari 500 and its own predecessor, the RB18.

Why this matters:

The RB19’s innovative vee-shaped chassis creates more space for underfloor tunnels, increasing downforce and overall speed.

The new design has helped Red Bull outpace key rival Ferrari in year-on-year performance gains. The RB19 has clocked in an average of 0.503s faster than its predecessor, outpacing the improvements made by 2022 rival Ferrari, which saw an average gain of only 0.311s

A win in Singapore would set a new historical benchmark, possibly triggering a design shift in Formula 1. – Read more

💰FIA’s Verdict on 2022 F1 Team Spending

The FIA just confirmed that all 10 F1 teams played by the rules for the 2022 season, sticking to the spending limit.

After buget for an extra race was added to the season & everything was adjusted for inflation, teams ended with a cap of $145.5 million.

No team went over the limit or made any procedural slip-ups this season. This is a relief, especially after last year’s drama, where there were rumors that a couple of teams might have overspent.

🕰️ A little throwback:

❌ Red Bull did go over by $432,000 in 2021, and they had to pay the price in both fines and development time.

🟨 Williams and Aston Martin had a few procedural hiccups last year, but they stayed within the spending limit. – Read more

🔟 Max makes history

Max Verstappen made history at the Italian Grand Prix with a record-setting 10th straight win – something no other Formula 1 driver has achieved since its 1950 inception. – Read more

Max makes history

Starting the race from the second spot, Max overtook Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz on lap 15 and held the lead from then on. Sainz ended up third, behind Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Pérez, who bounced back to second from fifth.

After the race, he showed both hands, fingers spread out, symbolizing his 10 wins. What will he do when he gets to 11 or 12 wins? Who knows!

🔥 A cool stat: Red Bull has now won 24 out of the last 25 races.

Sainz and his teammate Charles Leclerc had their own fierce battle for third place. It was an exciting race moment that got Ferrari fans, the Tifosi, roaring.

🚦Ferrari teammates battle for the Tifosi

Ferrari’s F1 chief, Fred Vasseur, let Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc race against each other during the Italian GP’s final laps as a treat for fans.

After being overtaken by Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, Sainz and Leclerc found themselves in third and fourth positions.

Rather than instructing them to maintain their spots for guaranteed points, Vasseur gave them the green light to race but cautioned them to be risk-free.

I trust them, but I told them no risk at all. It’s always relative, and I think that the notion of no risk is relative. But it’s an opinion, and I’m quite proud of the decision, and of the job done by the drivers today.

Fred Vasseur

Vasseur stated he personally made the decision and feels content with it. He believes the race ended positively. – Read more

💥Hamilton admits fault in Piastri collision

Lewis Hamilton admits he messed up in the F1 Italian Grand Prix, causing a collision with Oscar Piastri.

Hamilton admits fault in Piastri collision
Source: Yahoo Sport

While trying to overtake Piastri on lap 41, Hamilton accidentally pushed him towards the grass. This led to Piastri having to pit for a new front wing and missing out on points.

Hamilton received a five-second penalty, which didn’t end up costing him a position as he remained sixth. – Read more

I apologized because it was obviously my fault, and it naturally wasn’t intentional. I got up alongside and just misjudged the gap that I had to the right, clipped him. It could happen anytime. But I knew shortly afterwards, it must have been my fault.

Lewis Hamilton

McLaren’s team principal, Andrea Stella, echoed the sentiment. While he believed Hamilton acted hastily, he appreciated the apology. But Stella also added a bit of lament.

We just ended up out of the points when we could have had two more points today and this is a shame because our objective is to score points with two cars.

Andrea Stella

🤕Ricciardo’s F1 return uncertain

After hurting his hand during a practice crash at Zandvoort last month, Ricciardo missed both the Dutch and Italian Grand Prix. While he’s healing post-operation, Liam Lawson’s covering for him.

Ricciardo's F1 return uncertain
Source: Sky Sports

Red Bull’s boss, Christian Horner, doesn’t expect Ricciardo to be back for the upcoming Singapore and Japan races.

I think it will be optimistic for Japan, but I think his recovery is going well, he’s got obviously mobility of the hand he’s into rehabilitation now. But we’ve seen you know, with motorcyclists, rushing comeback can sometimes do more damage. So I think that we just want to make sure he’s fully fit before he gets back in the car.

Christian Horner

If things go as Horner predicts, we’ll likely see Ricciardo back in action by the Qatar Grand Prix next month. – Read more

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Marina Bay Lights Up F1 Calendar

We’re soon going to Singapore’s Marina Bay Circuit, where F1 cars not only race under the stars but are also challenged by one of the most demanding street circuits in the world.

Get going on the Marina Bay Circuit:

1️⃣ It’s the first-ever F1 venue to host a full-night race.

2️⃣ It has a whopping 23 turns, making it one of the most turn-heavy circuits on the F1 calendar

3️⃣ Over 1,600 floodlights illuminate this track, making it brighter than the day


f1 race reviewFast Lane News

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👮‍♂️Carlos Sainz was mugged near his Milan hotel just hours after clinching a podium spot in the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. – Read more

⚫ Just weeks after renewing his contract, Nico Hulkenberg criticizes Haas’s poor development, saying they don’t deserve any points. – Read more

🍔 George Russell jokingly labeled Charles Leclerc a ‘McDonald’s worker’ and quickly wished he hadn’t. – Read more

🟢 Fernando Alonso says his Aston Martin F1 team needs to fix the efficiency issues spotted during Monza’s qualifying and take some cues from the Williams team. – Read more

⚫ Toto Wolff mentioned that Mercedes will hold off on any decisions about Andrea Kimi Antonelli’s unexpected jump to Formula 2 until after the Formula Regional Championship wraps up. – Read more

🟠 McLaren tells Norris and Piastri that their contact during the Italian GP wasn’t okay. – Read more


Scheduled 15-17 September

Marina Bay Circuit
The Singapore GP


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