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COUNTRYGoogle (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.0) France
DATE OF BIRTH07/02/1996
HEIGHT1.77 meters

Pierre Gasly Biography

 Pierre Gasly is a F1 driver currently racing for Alpine. He was born in Rouen, France on 07/02/1996.

Pierre Gasly has a salary estimated at $5.000.000 and until now he reached 4 podiums and 388 points in F1. He has 0 World Championship Titles and a total of 126 Grand Prix Races.

Achievements in Racing

  • 2016: Crowned GP2 Series champion.
  • 2014: Finished as runner-up in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series.
  • 2017: Achieved second place in the Super Formula Championship.

F1 Journey

Gasly began his Formula One odyssey in 2017 with Toro Rosso during the Malaysian Grand Prix. His subsequent journey encompassed:

  • 2019: A short stint with Red Bull Racing. Despite the shift, he shone at the Brazilian Grand Prix, securing second place on the podium.
  • 2020: With AlphaTauri, he clinched victory at the Italian Grand Prix. This marked a monumental win for both Gasly and the team.
  • 2021: Another moment of triumph awaited at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix where he finished third.

For the 2023 season, Gasly embraced a new challenge with Alpine. Here are his highlights with the team so far:

  • Finished ninth at the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix.
  • Achieved his fourth career podium at the Dutch Grand Prix in 2023, coming in third.

Gasly’s Personal Life:

Born in the scenic city of Rouen, France, Pierre Gasly’s life is deeply intertwined with motorsports, a passion that runs through his family. Some snippets:

  • Family Members:
    • Father: Jean-Jacques Gasly
    • Mother: Pascale
    • Four half brothers: Nicolas Caron, Cyril Caron, Phillipe Gasly, and Paul Gasly.
  • Motorsport Legacy:
    • His grandfather was a karting enthusiast.
    • His grandmother, a kart champion.
    • His father, Jean Jacques, had his fingers in multiple racing pies: from karting to endurance racing to rallying.

The sporty gene clearly manifests in Gasly, who hit the karting tracks at Anneville-Ambourville at the tender age of six. At 13, his budding passion for racing prompted a move to Le Mans.

Gasly’s personal connections also extend into the world of motorsport. He shared a close bond with Anthoine Hubert, racing alongside him since childhood. He was also schoolmates with Hubert and they even lived as roommates. Gasly has also known Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon from his younger days, although his rapport with Ocon faced strains during their karting days.

Adding to his multicultural experience, in 2019, Gasly made a home in Milan. While French is his mother tongue, he’s also fluent in Italian and English.

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