Audi CEO Confirms 2026 F1 Commitment

f1 2026 audi confirm

Audi’s new CEO, Gernot Dollner, has silenced the rumors by confirming the brand’s unwavering commitment to joining Formula 1 in 2026. Despite recent speculation and a quiet period on updates, Audi is full speed ahead with its F1 plans, which include a major partnership with Sauber Motorsport.

What we’re hearing

  • Audi’s new CEO, Gernot Dollner, has put an end to speculation by reiterating the company’s plan to enter Formula 1 in 2026.
  • The company has acquired a stake in Sauber Motorsport and plans to increase its holding to at least 75% by the time they join the grid.
  • Concerns arose due to a lack of updates and rumors that Audi’s engine development was behind schedule.
  • Dollner has confirmed that Audi’s F1 plans are on track and the company’s decision-making process has been streamlined for efficiency.

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In the world of high-speed racing and corporate maneuvers, Audi’s new head honcho, Gernot Dollner, has shifted gears to reassure fans and stakeholders alike that their Formula 1 aspirations are not just hot air. Last year, at the Belgian Grand Prix, Audi revved up excitement with the announcement of their entry into the F1 circuit in 2026, coinciding with new technical regulations. This move was seen as a strategic pit stop to refuel the brand’s competitive spirit.

However, the racetrack to F1 is not without its hairpin turns. The recent silence from Audi’s garage had sparked whispers in the paddock that perhaps the team was hitting the brakes on their F1 journey. Critics pointed to the potential lag in engine development as a sign of trouble under the hood. But like a well-timed pit stop, Dollner has steered the conversation back on track, confirming that Audi’s F1 engine is gearing up as planned.

Under the hood of Audi’s corporate structure, Dollner has been tinkering away. He acknowledges that the previous setup was akin to a clunky gearbox, hindering swift decision-making. In response, he’s streamlined the process, stripping away excess weight in the form of cumbersome committees. Now, with a leaner machine, Audi’s executive board is ready to put the pedal to the metal.

As the countdown to 2026 continues, Audi’s partnership with Sauber Motorsport is like a turbo boost to their F1 ambitions. The acquisition of a stake in Sauber is more than just a handshake; it’s a sign of Audi’s commitment to the race. By 2026, Audi plans to have a controlling share in the team, ensuring that when they hit the starting grid, they’ll be in pole position to make an impact.

While the specifics of Audi’s engine development are still under wraps, like a well-guarded race strategy, Dollner’s latest interview serves as a green light that Audi is racing full throttle towards their F1 future. Fans and competitors alike will be watching closely, as the German manufacturer aims to leave a tire mark on the sport that’s as indelible as their legacy in automotive excellence.

Keep your eyes on the prize and your ears to the ground, because if there’s one thing we know about Formula 1, it’s that the race is won in the details. And with Audi’s latest lap in the F1 saga, it’s clear they’re not just along for the ride—they’re here to win.