Audi Takes Full Control of Sauber F1 Team

audi sauber f1

Audi has officially announced its complete acquisition of the Sauber Group, cementing its commitment to Formula 1 and intensifying preparations for its 2026 debut. With the leadership of Oliver Hoffmann as chairman and Andreas Seidl as CEO, Audi is poised to tackle the pinnacle of motorsport with strategic fervor and a clear vision for success.

What’s next

  • Audi has finalized the takeover of the Sauber Group, with plans to enter Formula 1 as a power unit supplier in 2026.
  • Oliver Hoffmann will lead as chairman of the board, stepping down from his current role to focus on F1 preparations.
  • Andreas Seidl, formerly of McLaren, has been appointed as CEO of the Audi F1 Team, bringing extensive experience to the table.
  • The acquisition aims to accelerate Audi’s F1 project, leveraging Sauber’s infrastructure and expertise.

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Audi’s venture into Formula 1 represents a significant chapter in the company’s illustrious motorsport history. The announcement dispels any doubts about Audi’s commitment to the sport, following a period of speculation due to internal changes. With the complete takeover of the Sauber Group, Audi is not just dipping its toes but diving headfirst into the F1 waters.

Oliver Hoffmann, a figure synonymous with Audi’s technical triumphs, including the Dakar Rally’s electrified drivetrain victory, is set to channel his passion for motorsport into his new role. His leadership is expected to bring a fresh and focused approach to the Audi F1 team’s strategic development.

The appointment of Andreas Seidl as CEO marks a significant coup for Audi. Seidl’s reputation, built on his successful tenure at McLaren, precedes him. His behind-the-scenes work has already begun to shape the team’s future, and his official role as CEO will only bolster the team’s trajectory towards competitiveness.

The acquisition not only represents a strategic alignment of Audi’s motorsport division but also a financial commitment to achieving success in Formula 1. The integration of Sauber’s facilities and expertise with Audi’s technological prowess is a recipe for an exciting future in the sport.

With the roadmap laid out and ambitions set high, the Audi F1 team is now in full gear to prepare for the 2026 season. The complete takeover of Sauber by Audi AG is a clear signal of intent: Audi is not just joining the F1 grid, they’re gearing up to compete at the highest level.