Ben Sulayem Exonerated by FIA Ethics Probe

ben sulayem president fia

In a decisive conclusion, the FIA Ethics Committee has absolved President Mohammed Ben Sulayem from allegations of misconduct. The comprehensive investigation, spurred by whistleblower claims, found no evidence of interference in F1 race outcomes or Grand Prix certifications.

The backstory

  • A whistleblower accused FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem of meddling with the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix results and the certification of the Las Vegas Grand Prix track.
  • An extensive 30-day investigation by the FIA Ethics Committee, involving external advisors and 11 witness interviews, has been conducted.
  • The FIA Compliance Officer managed the procedure, which was then meticulously reviewed by the six-member Ethics Committee.
  • Unanimously, the committee found no substantiating evidence against Ben Sulayem, noting his full cooperation and transparency throughout the process.

Go deeper
The FIA’s internal mechanisms were put to the test as serious allegations emerged against its president. With the integrity of the sport at stake, the Ethics Committee left no stone unturned, deploying external advisors to ensure impartiality. The investigation’s scope covered potential interference with both race results and the administrative certification of a Grand Prix venue—a matter of great importance as it could impact the F1 calendar and the sport’s credibility.

The process, while rigorous, was not without its transparency. Ben Sulayem’s willingness to participate and aid the investigation was highlighted as a key factor in the thoroughness of the review. His conduct during this period was commended, signaling a commitment to governance and ethical leadership within the FIA.

Despite the gravity of the accusations, the committee’s findings were clear and unanimous. Not only were the allegations against Ben Sulayem unsubstantiated, but the evidence presented also strongly supported the committee’s decision to clear him of any wrongdoing. This outcome not only vindicates Ben Sulayem but also reinforces the FIA’s capacity to self-regulate and address internal challenges.

The FIA Ethics Committee’s decision is not necessarily the end of the road. The detailed report will be forwarded to the FIA Senate, which retains the authority to take further action if deemed necessary. This step ensures that all governance levels within the FIA have the opportunity to review and respond to the findings.

The conclusion of this investigation marks a significant moment for the FIA, affirming the organization’s commitment to ethical conduct at the highest levels. For the world of Formula 1, it’s a reminder that the sport’s governance is as much about the integrity of its leaders as it is about the thrill of the race.