F1 2024 Season: New Rule Changes Approved

What is the F1 starting grid

In a move to enhance safety and race dynamics, the FIA has approved a series of significant changes for the F1 2024 season. From technical tweaks to pre-race procedures, these updates mark a notable shift in the sport’s regulations.

Why this matters:

  • The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council has approved various changes for the F1 2024 season.
  • Key updates include the introduction of a ‘cooling scoop’ for cars in extremely hot conditions, a response to the issues at the Qatar Grand Prix.
  • A limit on the number and mass of metallic components in car floors has been set, addressing safety concerns.
  • Pre-race grid assembly time is reduced back to 40 minutes, reversing the increase to 50 minutes for driver presentation trials.
  • Mandatory removal of all personnel and equipment from the fast lane of pits 90 seconds after the start of the formation lap for cars starting from the pitlane.

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The FIA’s decision, made during a meeting chaired by Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid in Baku, reflects a balance between addressing safety concerns and enhancing the racing experience. The introduction of a cooling scoop is a direct response to the overheating challenges faced by cars, notably seen in the Qatar Grand Prix.

The decision to limit certain metallic components in car floors stems from their potential hazard when dislodged during races. Reducing the pre-race grid assembly time aims to streamline race preparations, reverting to the traditional 40-minute setup. The new regulation for pitlane starts ensures safer and more organized race beginnings, a change that fills a previously unaddressed gap in race procedures.

These changes, while yet to be detailed in the published rulebooks, indicate the FIA’s ongoing efforts to evolve the sport, ensuring safety and improving the racing spectacle