Madrid GP Dreams Hit Speed Bump

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The FIA has cast doubt on the imminent arrival of a Formula 1 Grand Prix in Madrid, pointing out that essential preliminary steps have not yet been taken. Despite the buzz and political intrigue, the Spanish capital’s F1 aspirations are still far from the finish line.

Between the lines

  • Madrid’s ambition to host an F1 Grand Prix is still in the conceptual phase, with key processes not initiated.
  • IFEMA’s involvement and last year’s F1 Exhibition fuelled speculation, but FIA approval is pending.
  • FIA Senate President Carmelo Sanz de Barros stresses the importance of following the official protocol.
  • Political dynamics between Madrid and Barcelona may be influencing the public narrative around the event.

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Over twelve months ago, Madrid signaled its intentions to bring the high-octane world of F1 racing to its streets. The city, with the backing of IFEMA, laid the groundwork for a street circuit that could potentially dazzle fans and tourists alike. Last summer, whispers grew louder as IFEMA hinted at progress in line with F1’s event promotion guidelines.

madrid f1 circuit proposal

However, recent rumors suggesting a green light for Madrid’s race were promptly doused by the FIA’s latest comments. The Federation’s Senate President, Carmelo Sanz de Barros, clarified that the Spanish Grand Prix’s relocation is still in the early planning stages. The Spanish Automobile Federation, the starting block for such an initiative, has yet to receive a formal proposal to scrutinize and forward to the FIA for homologation.

De Barros also highlighted the political undercurrents at play, with the Madrid versus Barcelona narrative possibly shaping the discourse. He recalled past disappointments, such as the failed bid for the 2030 Olympic Games, cautioning against repeating history due to premature media leaks and bypassing established procedures.

While the FIA remains open to considering Madrid’s proposal once officially received, the process is far from complete. De Barros acknowledged multiple projects aiming to bring F1 to Madrid, indicating a race in the Spanish capital is still a possibility, albeit not exclusive or guaranteed.

As the story unfolds, fans and stakeholders alike are reminded that the road to hosting an F1 race is long and winding, with strict protocols and checks in place to ensure any new addition to the calendar is up to the sport’s exacting standards. Keep your engines idling and your eyes peeled for updates as Madrid navigates the complex circuit of F1 race approval.