McLaren Snags Monster Energy from Mercedes

monster energy mclaren

McLaren has successfully nabbed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Monster Energy, ending the energy drink giant’s long-standing partnership with Mercedes. This new alliance will kick off in the 2024 season, with Monster branding to be featured on McLaren drivers’ gear and promotional materials.

What’s next:

  • Monster Energy will begin its partnership with McLaren in 2024, marking the end of a 14-year relationship with Mercedes.
  • The energy drink brand will be prominently displayed on McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri’s helmets, race suits, and more.
  • McLaren and Monster Energy plan to create original content and activations to enhance fan engagement worldwide.
  • Despite the shift, Monster Energy is expected to maintain its personal sponsorship with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

Go deeper:
McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting Monster’s commitment to celebrating athletes and creating engaging content. The partnership is poised to explore bold ideas and bring new entertainment avenues to the fans, reflecting McLaren’s innovative spirit and Monster’s dynamic brand ethos.

Monster Energy’s transition to McLaren opens a fresh chapter in the company’s motorsport legacy. While the iconic ‘M’ badge will vanish from Mercedes’ F1 cars, the company’s dedication to Formula 1 remains steadfast. Rodney Sacks, chair and co-CEO of Monster Energy Company, extended gratitude to Mercedes and Toto Wolff for their successful past partnership and shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming ventures with McLaren.

The deal signifies a strategic move for both McLaren and Monster Energy, as they aim to leverage each other’s strengths to captivate the global F1 audience. The collaboration is set to bring about innovative marketing initiatives and fan-centric experiences, showcasing the synergy between the two brands.

As the 2024 season approaches, the F1 community eagerly anticipates the impact of this partnership on the sport’s landscape. McLaren’s pursuit of excellence, combined with Monster Energy’s vibrant approach to fan engagement, promises to inject a new level of excitement into the racing scene.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes content as McLaren and Monster Energy gear up for their first race together. Fans can expect a blend of high-octane racing and electrifying promotional activities, all aimed at bringing the thrill of F1 closer to the audience.