Red Bull’s Vegas Livery Unveiled

red bull las vegas gp livery

Red Bull Racing has shown off a new, fan-designed look for their car at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. This is the last of three special designs made by fans for the big races in the United States this year.

Catch up quick:
– Red Bull’s RB19 car gets a new look for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.
– The livery was designed by a fan, chosen in the ‘Make Your Mark’ contest.
– This design follows earlier special liveries in Miami and Austin.
– The new look captures the bright lights and excitement of Las Vegas.

Go deeper:
Red Bull Racing is ready to light up the Las Vegas Grand Prix with a new car design that looks just like the bright neon lights of the city. This is a big deal because it’s the last of three cool designs that fans got to make for Red Bull’s car this year. The team said, “Hey, let’s see who can make the best car look for Miami, Austin, and Las Vegas,” and lots of people sent in their ideas.

The car’s new colors are purple, pink, and yellow, and they’re meant to make you think of neon lights shining in the night. A lady named Lindsay Palmer from the UK made this design, and she won the contest. Now, her cool car look will be the star of the show when Red Bull races in Vegas.

Christian Horner, who’s the boss of the Red Bull team, is really happy about this. He said it’s a fun way to let fans be a part of the team by letting them make and pick the car’s Vegas look. He also said well done to Lindsay for making a design that’s just right for Vegas and the team’s fun spirit.

But Red Bull isn’t the only team with a special look for Vegas. The Williams team also showed off a car design that says “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” and has lights on it like the ones that make the desert city shine. And Ferrari has a car look that reminds people of the old, fancy days of racing.

So, when the race cars zoom around Las Vegas, they won’t just be fast—they’ll also look amazing. If you want to know more about what’s happening in Formula 1, you can check out news on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, this is all about having fun with racing and making the fans feel like they’re part of the action!