Sauber’s Stealth Mode Until Audi’s 2026 Debut

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Sauber F1 Team is set to continue without Audi branding until the German manufacturer’s official entry into Formula 1 in 2026. Despite the end of their Alfa Romeo partnership, Sauber is preparing for a new title sponsor reveal and emphasizes that the upcoming seasons are integral to a long-term strategy, not mere transition years.

Between the lines:

  • Sauber will conclude its Alfa Romeo naming rights deal but won’t adopt Audi branding until 2026.
  • A new title sponsor for Sauber will be announced in December, alongside the 2024 entry list.
  • Audi’s commitment to F1 is unwavering, with significant investment in its motorsport division and F1 engine department.
  • Recent leadership changes at Audi have not affected the company’s F1 project, which has group-wide support.
  • Sauber is focused on a “big bang” impact with Audi in 2026, leveraging the brand’s heritage in the interim.

Go deeper:
As the checkered flag waves goodbye to the Alfa Romeo era, Sauber gears up for a mysterious yet promising future. The Swiss team is all set to race under a new title sponsor, whose identity is shrouded in secrecy until the FIA unfurls the 2024 entry list. The team’s managing director, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, has hinted at a well-charted course for the upcoming seasons, dismissing any notions of these years being mere pit stops on the way to Audi’s grand entrance.

Rumors have been revving up about Audi’s potential cold feet regarding its F1 venture, especially after Markus Duesmann’s departure from the CEO position. But Sauber has been quick to shift gears and assure fans that Audi’s F1 engine is still very much in the race. The Neuburg facility is buzzing with activity, signaling full throttle ahead for the 2026 season.

While Audi’s logo won’t be gracing the Sauber chassis just yet, the team is not idling by. The absence of Audi branding is a strategic move to create a “big bang” effect when the time is right. Until then, Sauber is cruising on the legacy of its own name, ensuring that the team’s performance doesn’t stall.

Behind the scenes, Audi’s F1 commitment remains as robust as a well-tuned engine. Despite the CEO switch-up, the project has received the green light at all levels of the Audi/VW hierarchy. Bravi’s recent visit to Ingolstadt confirmed that the team there is as committed as a pit crew during a tire change.

As we lap closer to the reveal of Sauber’s new title sponsor and the team’s future identity, the F1 community waits with bated breath. Will the Swiss outfit surprise us with an overtake on expectations? Stay tuned to the F1 circuit for the latest updates, and remember, in the world of Formula 1, the race is never over until the checkered flag drops.