Saudi Arabia – The New Qiddiya Circuit

Qiddiya Circuit track f1

Saudi Arabia has revealed ambitious plans for the Qiddiya circuit, aiming to secure a spot on the Formula 1 calendar. The proposed track, designed by Alex Wurz and Hermann Tilke, features a unique 21-turn layout with dramatic elevation changes, including the standout “Blade” turn. With the Jeddah Corniche Circuit as a temporary F1 venue, the Qiddiya project in Riyadh is set to become the new home of Saudi motorsport, although construction delays have postponed its debut until at least 2027.

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  • The Qiddiya circuit is Saudi Arabia’s bid for a permanent F1 race, set to replace the temporary Jeddah Corniche Circuit.
  • Designed by Alex Wurz and Hermann Tilke, the track boasts 21 turns and a remarkable elevation change with the “Blade” turn as its crown jewel.
  • Construction delays have pushed the circuit’s potential F1 debut to 2027 or later.
  • The track will be part of a larger entertainment complex, featuring proximity to a music venue, rollercoasters, and a water theme park.
  • Qiddiya Investment Company aims to make the circuit a hub for various motorsport events, not just Formula 1.

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The vision for Saudi Arabia’s motorsport future is crystallizing with the unveiling of the Qiddiya circuit’s design. The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has been a spectacular but temporary fixture in the F1 world, and the baton is set to be passed to the Qiddiya development. This ambitious project is not just about racing; it’s a fusion of high-octane motorsport with entertainment and leisure, aiming to create a unique experience for visitors and redefine the concept of a race track.

The track’s design takes advantage of the natural terrain to offer a visually stunning and challenging course for drivers. With the “Blade” turn promising to be a signature feature, the circuit is poised to offer breathtaking views and heart-stopping action, climbing more than 20 stories from the ground.

Qiddiya f1 track saudi arabia render

The integration of the circuit within the larger Qiddiya entertainment complex is a strategic move to enhance the spectator experience. Imagine the thrill of F1 cars racing past as you enjoy a rollercoaster ride or cool off in a water park. It’s a bold attempt to combine the thrill of motorsport with the joy of an amusement park.

Abdullah Aldawood of QIC has emphasized that the track is not just about F1. The intention is to create a versatile venue capable of hosting a range of motorsport events. This diversification ensures that the Qiddiya circuit will be buzzing with activity and become a central figure in the world of motorsport.

The Speed Park Track will be a true embodiment of Qiddiya’s power of play philosophy and position Qiddiya City as the home of Saudi motorsport and one of the world’s leading motorsport venues. Visitors and spectators will be treated to one of the most unique race experiences in the world with a pioneering track that will be ready to host some of the world’s biggest motorsport events.

QIC managing director Abdullah Aldawood

While the exact date for an F1 race at Qiddiya remains uncertain, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. The project reflects Saudi Arabia’s broader ambitions to become a key player in global sports and entertainment, and the Qiddiya circuit is a significant piece of that puzzle. As we watch the development unfold, the motorsport community eagerly awaits the chance to see the world’s premier racing machines tackle this innovative track.