Todt Echoes Massa: 2008 Singapore GP ‘Rigged’

todt massa crashgate

Former FIA President Jean Todt has recently concurred with Felipe Massa’s sentiment that the controversial 2008 Singapore Grand Prix was manipulated, fueling Massa’s ongoing legal battle against Formula 1 and the FIA.

The infamous ‘Crashgate’ scandal, where a deliberate crash by Renault’s Nelson Piquet Jr. led to a strategic win for teammate Fernando Alonso, has resurfaced as a contentious issue, with Massa seeking justice for what he believes was a stolen championship victory.

Between the lines

  • Jean Todt, ex-FIA President, acknowledges the 2008 Singapore GP was ‘rigged’, aligning with Felipe Massa’s longstanding claims.
  • Massa’s legal action against F1 and the FIA is rooted in the ‘Crashgate’ scandal, where Renault’s orchestrated crash influenced the race outcome.
  • Controversial remarks by Bernie Ecclestone have reignited the debate, suggesting a cover-up by F1 authorities at the time.
  • Todt’s respected status in the motorsport community adds significant weight to Massa’s case, potentially impacting the legal proceedings.

Go deeper

The ‘Crashgate’ scandal has been a smudge on Formula 1’s history, with the deliberate crash by Nelson Piquet Jr. at the 2008 Singapore GP creating a domino effect that altered the championship’s trajectory. Massa, who was a title contender that year, has not let the incident fade into obscurity, pushing for what he perceives as a rightful redress.

Bernie Ecclestone’s recent bombshell claims have poured gasoline on the smoldering embers of the ‘Crashgate’ controversy. His suggestion that he and Max Mosley, the FIA president at the time, were aware of the scandal but chose inaction to avoid further disgrace, has provided Massa with new ammunition for his legal crusade.

Massa’s argument hinges on the belief that Renault’s disqualification, or the annulment of the Singapore GP results, would have handed him the 2008 title. His legal team is diligently gathering evidence to support their case, demonstrating a relentless pursuit of what they consider justice.

Jean Todt’s recent admission to Italy’s La Stampa that the race was indeed ‘rigged’ and perhaps should have been cancelled adds a layer of legitimacy to Massa’s claims. While Todt steers clear of directly endorsing Massa’s legal action, his words resonate within the F1 community, given his influential past role.

The legal battle continues to unfold, with the motorsport world watching closely. Todt’s comments have undoubtedly intensified the drama surrounding the case, and the outcome of Massa’s legal challenge could set a precedent for how the sport addresses such controversies in the future. Keep your engines revved for updates as this high-speed saga races through the courts.