Welcome to APEX bite

How it started

Since being a child, I’ve been waiting for Sundays to keep track of what my favourite drivers would be doing in the race.

Couldn’t even spell their names, but the F1 live broadcast would’ve been my favourite part of the day.

30 years later, you’ve got everything at your fingertips. Live timing, F1 TV Pro driver cam, strategies, scoops and all in between.

I sometimes find it hard to navigate all the infos that the guys from PlanetF1, F1.com or SkySports are throwing about the races, tech problems or some beef between the drivers(personal favourites).

And this is why APEX BITE was born. Twice a week, I’ll summarise all the most important information about the race, drivers, standings & scoops and will do by best to keep you up to date with everything that’s happening in 5 minutes or less. (That’s where the Bite part comes from 🤫 )

What you’ll get

Latest news & updates, short & summarized with links for more detail

Curated videos & articles with race analysis

Pre/Post race interview summaries with the drives or team staff

Standings updates with dynamic charts

Tweets & interesting conversations that happened online

Fun stuff & memes