Alonso Urges Aston for More Speed

fernando alonso interview

Fernando Alonso has recognized the progress Aston Martin has made but insists they need an extra push to consistently challenge rivals like Mercedes and McLaren. Despite a strong showing at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Alonso believes the team is still a few tenths off the pace in race conditions and is eager for improvements to maintain their competitive edge.

Between the lines

  • Alonso secured a second-row start in Saudi Arabia but wants 0.2-0.3 seconds more pace to fight at the top.
  • Aston Martin has made strides since last season but still trails behind teams like Mercedes and McLaren.
  • Upgrades in Jeddah, including changes to the front corner and rear wing, have shown promise.
  • Alonso stresses the importance of focusing on race pace improvements for future Grands Prix.

Go deeper
Aston Martin’s journey from the previous season’s promising start to the current need for speed is a tale of incremental gains and relentless pursuit. Alonso’s fifth-place finish in Saudi Arabia, ahead of a Mercedes, a McLaren, and a Ferrari, was a testament to the team’s potential. However, the Spanish driver is far from complacent, pinpointing a specific time deficit that needs to be addressed.

During the race, the threat from George Russell in the Mercedes was a stark reminder of the fine margins separating the mid-field teams. Alonso’s call to action is not just about raw speed; it’s about refining the car’s performance over the long haul of a race. The upgrades in Jeddah are a step in the right direction, but Alonso is hungry for more.

The two-time world champion is no stranger to the ebbs and flows of Formula 1’s competitive landscape. He is quick to point out that while the team’s position relative to last year’s end is stable, resting on laurels is not an option. The focus is on outpacing their own progress and translating it into tangible results on Sundays.

Alonso’s experience and insight are invaluable as Aston Martin navigates the choppy waters of F1’s midfield battle. The team’s ability to implement lessons learned from the previous year could be the key to unlocking the extra tenths Alonso craves.

In conclusion, Alonso’s mix of satisfaction with the team’s progress and his unyielding desire for improvement paints a picture of a driver and team in sync, both striving for excellence. As the season unfolds, Aston Martin’s response to their star driver’s challenge will be closely watched by fans and competitors alike.