Bearman’s Stellar F1 Debut Shines Bright

ollie bearman pitlane

Ollie Bearman’s unexpected Formula 1 debut at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix turned heads as he scored points and outperformed his Formula 2 results. Despite his impressive performance, Bearman is set to refocus on the F2 championship, where he’s currently trailing due to missed races.

Between the lines

  • Bearman, stepping in for Carlos Sainz, narrowly missed Q3 and finished seventh in the race, securing six F1 points.
  • With a strong showing in F1, his attention now shifts back to Formula 2, where he aims to catch up in the championship standings.
  • Despite physical challenges and intense competition, Bearman executed a clean race, earning praise from F1 veterans like Lewis Hamilton.
  • Uncertain of a full-time F1 seat, Bearman humorously plans to celebrate his performance with a well-deserved indulgent meal.
Formula 1 World Championship 2024, Round 2, Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Jeddah Street Circuit, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saturday 9 March 2024 – Oliver Bearman (GBR) Ferrari Reserve Driver on the grid.


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Ollie Bearman’s weekend was nothing short of a rollercoaster, stepping up from Formula 2 to fill the big shoes of an ailing Carlos Sainz in Formula 1. Qualifying just a hair’s breadth away from the top ten shootout, Bearman showcased his potential amidst the pinnacle of motorsport. His seventh-place finish not only exceeded expectations but also ironically put him ahead in the F1 points tally compared to his primary F2 campaign.

Bearman’s performance was not just about the points; it was a testament to his adaptability and skill. The young driver had to quickly adjust to the F1 car’s demands, facing a track known for its punishing physicality and technical challenges. Yet, he managed to pull off an impressive overtake on Yuki Tsunoda and kept racing heavyweights like Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton at bay.

The aftermath of Bearman’s F1 stint is a mix of pride and pragmatism. While he has proven his mettle, he acknowledges the reality of his situation. The focus must now return to Formula 2, where he faces an uphill battle after missing out on potential points due to his F1 commitments. The missed F2 race in Saudi Arabia means playing catch-up in a fiercely competitive field.

Bearman’s candid reflections on his race performance and the physical toll it took reveal the human side of racing often overshadowed by the glitz and glamour. Hamilton’s gesture of congratulations in parc ferme was a nod to Bearman’s commendable drive, further highlighting the respect earned from established figures in the sport.

As Bearman contemplates his future in Formula 1, he remains grounded, looking forward to a simple celebration—a testament to the relatable and down-to-earth nature of a driver who just had the weekend of his life. Whether it’s a gourmet dinner or a late-night burger, Bearman’s performance in Saudi Arabia is one for the books, and the dessert is well-deserved.