Brivio Ends Tenure with Alpine F1 Team

davide brivio alpine f1

Davide Brivio, Alpine’s Director of Racing Expansion, will leave the team at the end of the year, marking the end of a three-year stint in Formula 1. Brivio, who joined Alpine in 2021 after a successful career in MotoGP, has mutually agreed with the team to end their partnership earlier than the planned 2024 contract expiry.

Between the lines

  • Brivio transitioned from MotoGP to F1 in 2021, taking a leading role at Alpine.
  • His responsibilities shifted towards Alpine’s young driver programme in 2022.
  • The mutual decision for early contract termination reflects a reshuffle within Alpine’s team structure.
  • Brivio’s departure follows a series of high-profile changes within the team’s leadership.

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Davide Brivio’s venture into Formula 1 was a significant shift from his two-wheeled triumphs in MotoGP, particularly with the Suzuki team. At Alpine, Brivio initially took on a hands-on role but later focused on nurturing future talents through the Alpine Academy. This move showcased his commitment to developing the next generation of racing stars.

Brivio’s early exit from Alpine is not just a personal career move; it’s part of a broader narrative of transformation within the team. The Italian’s departure is the latest in a series of changes at the top, following the mid-season exits of key figures like former CEO Laurent Rossi and team leaders Otmar Szafnauer and Alan Permane post-Belgian Grand Prix.

While Brivio’s next steps remain undisclosed, his gratitude towards Alpine for the F1 experience and the opportunity to mentor young drivers is evident. He leaves behind a legacy of expertise and a hope to continue influencing motorsport in future endeavors.

Alpine’s year-end personnel reshuffle signals a new direction for the team as it adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of Formula 1. With Brivio’s role in the young driver programme coming to an end, Alpine may be looking to reinforce its commitment to nurturing talent with fresh perspectives.

As the F1 community watches Alpine navigate these changes, Brivio’s impact on the team and its academy drivers will be remembered. His experience and mentorship have laid a foundation for success, and his influence will likely be felt in the careers of Alpine’s rising stars for years to come. Keep an eye on the team’s progress and stay connected with the latest F1 news through social media channels.