Madrid GP’s F1 U-Turn

Zoom into the Madrid GP’s unexpected route, 2026’s pioneering F1 transformations, and find out what the ex-team bosses are up to

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It’s been close to two weeks since the last F1 race of the 2023 season. We’re getting the championship blues, what about you?

Luckily there’s some great news to keep us going through the winter. Let’s get going.

🏁 Madrid GP Speed Bump: Some unexpected turns have emerged on the road to the Madrid Grand Prix. We delve into the details of these developments and what they might mean for the future of this highly anticipated race.

🌟 2026’s Exciting Changes: The horizon of Formula 1 is shimmering with promise as we approach 2026. We’re here to give you a sneak peek into the electrifying changes that are set to redefine the sport.

🔧 AlphaTauri’s 2024 Power-Up: AlphaTauri is not just stepping on the gas; they’re turbocharging their way into 2024! With a little help from their friends at Red Bull, they’re gearing up for an incredible season.

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f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

🇪🇸 Madrid GP Dreams Hit Speed Bump

Source: Sports Illustrated

The FIA has cast doubt on the imminent arrival of a Formula 1 Grand Prix in Madrid, pointing out that essential preliminary steps have not yet been taken. Despite the buzz and political intrigue, the Spanish capital’s F1 aspirations are still far from the finish line.

Between the Lines

  • Madrid’s ambition to host an F1 Grand Prix is still in the conceptual phase, with key processes not initiated.
  • IFEMA’s involvement and last year’s F1 Exhibition fuelled speculation, but FIA approval is pending.
  • FIA Senate President Carmelo Sanz de Barros stresses the importance of following the official protocol.
  • Political dynamics between Madrid and Barcelona may be influencing the public narrative around the event.

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Over twelve months ago, Madrid signaled its intentions to bring the high-octane world of F1 racing to its streets. The city, with the backing of IFEMA, laid the groundwork for a street circuit that could potentially dazzle fans and tourists alike. Last summer, whispers grew louder as IFEMA hinted at progress in line with F1’s event promotion guidelines. – Read more

🏎️ Exciting F1 Changes Coming in 2026

The F1 world is already buzzing with plans for the 2026 season. We’re just in the second year of the current rules, but things are moving fast!

🔍 2026 Car Design Details:

  • Size Reduction: Cars will be shorter and narrower
  • Weight Loss: Aiming to cut down 40-50 kilos
  • Less Downforce: This means lighter components and better handling
  • New Look: They’ll still resemble today’s F1 cars but with noticeable tweaks

🏎️ Aerodynamics and Racing:

  • Improved Racing Dynamics: Tweaks in aerodynamics to enhance close racing
  • Ground Effect Continues: Still using ground effect aerodynamics but with improvements.
  • Focus on Skill: Less downforce and drag, maintaining fast lap times

🌬️ DRS and Aero Changes:

  • Moveable Aero: Possible introduction to help reduce drag
  • DRS Evolution: FIA is exploring new forms for overtaking opportunities and balancing skill and technology

⚡ Power Unit Changes:

  • Sustainable Fuel: Moving towards fully sustainable fuel
  • Turbo-Hybrid Tweaks: Revamping the current setup for better performance
  • Goodbye MGU-H: Removing MGU-H from the equation
  • Audi & Honda: Welcoming new and returning players to the F1 engine scene.

🛠️ Addressing Potential Issues:

  • Battery Power Concerns: FIA is confident in managing energy efficiently
  • Top Speed Maintenance: Ensuring cars retain high-speed capabilities
  • Cornering Focus: Emphasis on hard cornering without losing power

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🔼 AlphaTauri’s Big Leap Forward

Source: Scuderia Aplhatauri

AlphaTauri is stepping up their game big time. They’re getting some major upgrades from Red Bull, specifically some key parts of the RB19. This means we will see a whole new level of performance from them, marking a fresh chapter in their F1 journey.

What We’re Hearing

  • There’s a buzz that they might even change their name to “Racing Bulls” next season.
  • They’re bringing in some crucial elements from Red Bull’s RB19, which is a huge deal for their journey to the top.
  • AlphaTauri is getting a major boost with Red Bull’s RB19’s pull-rod front suspension. This is a big shift in their technical approach and could really shake things up.
  • There are also some changes in the management as Laurent Mekies is stepping in as Team Principal.

Go Deeper

AlphaTauri really found their groove at the end of 2023. Remember how they struggled to crack the top 10 at the start of the season? Well, they turned that around with some big upgrades to the AT04. After the United States Grand Prix, we usually saw one of their drivers finishing in the points.

The 2024 season is going to be a game-changer for them. They’re bringing in a car heavily influenced by Red Bull’s RB19, especially in aerodynamics and front suspension. But they’re not just copying Red Bull – they’re mixing in ideas from McLaren, Aston Martin, and Williams too.

Despite some concerns, the FIA hasn’t found any evidence of Red Bull and AlphaTauri working too closely on designs. They’re still keeping an eye on things, though, to make sure there’s no unfair data sharing between top teams and their sister or satellite teams. – Read more

🏎️ The Infamous Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: 2 Years Later

Yesterday marked two years since the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a race that still stirs up heated debates among F1 enthusiasts. It’s often called F1’s most controversial race ever. Let’s dive into why this race is still so talked about.

💥 The Build-Up to Controversy

  • Unique Season: The 2021 season was impacted by COVID-19, leading to similar car designs from 2020.
  • Title Clash: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were in a tight race for the world title, with equal points before Abu Dhabi.

🚦 The Race

  • Tense Start: Hamilton leads initially, but Verstappen closely follows.
  • Strategic Moves: The race sees several lead changes and strategic pit stops.

🚨 The Controversial Decision

  • Crash Impact: Nicholas Latifi’s crash brings out the Safety Car.
  • Unusual Restart: Only some lapped cars can pass, leading to a quick restart.
  • Verstappen’s Win: Verstappen, with fresher tires, overtakes Hamilton and wins the race and the championship.

🏁 Aftermath and Impact

  • Mercedes’ Reaction: Mercedes protests the race decisions, but their appeals are dismissed.
  • Management Changes: Michael Masi leaves his role, leading to new race control leadership.
  • Verstappen’s Success: Verstappen’s career skyrockets in the following years.
  • Hamilton’s Challenges: Hamilton faces his worst season in 2022.
  • Threats: Nicholas Latifi faced terrible backlash online, including threats, for his crash.

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🆕 Update on the Last 10 F1 Team Bosses

Let’s catch up on where the last 10 F1 team bosses are now, shall we?

  1. Otmar Szafnauer left Alpine in July 2023. Right now, he’s on a 12-month break but might make a comeback. Bruno Famin’s taken over for now.
  2. Mattia Binotto waved goodbye to Ferrari in December 2022. He’s been hanging around the F1 tracks, maybe planning his next move?
  3. Andreas Seidl said bye to McLaren in December 2022. He’s now the CEO at Sauber.
  4. Jost Capito left Williams in December 2022. He’s keeping a low profile but hinted he’s up for some advisory roles.
  5. Cyril Abiteboul parted ways with Renault in December 2021. He’s now leading Hyundai Motorsport.
  6. Frank and Claire Williams exited Williams in September 2020. Sir Frank sadly passed away later, and Claire became a brand ambassador.
  7. Maurizio Arrivabene left Ferrari in January 2019. He switched gears to football, joining Juventus’ board, but left amid a scandal in 2022.
  8. Vijay Mallya stepped down from Force India in August 2018. He’s had a tough time with legal issues and even faced jail time.
  9. Éric Boullier bid farewell to McLaren in July 2018. He’s now managing the French Grand Prix – quite a switch!
  10. Monisha Kaltenborn left Sauber in June 2017. She tried founding her racing team and is now the CEO of an e-motorsport company.

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f1 race reviewF1 Banned: Double Diffusers

Let’s talk about something that stirred up quite a bit of controversy – double diffusers. They were a big deal for a while in F1 racing until they got the red flag. Let’s explore what they were, their impact, and why they were eventually shown the exit door.

What’s a Diffuser on an F1 Car?

A diffuser is like a magic trick for F1 cars. It’s at the back of the car and helps air flow out smoothly, pushing the car down hard onto the track. Think of it like an upside-down wing that keeps the car glued to the track, creating a lot of downforce without slowing the car down. The bigger the diffuser, the more air it can handle and the stronger the downforce.


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