F1 Points System Overhaul Delayed

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Formula 1’s decision-making body, the F1 Commission, has postponed a verdict on a new points system. The proposal to increase the number of points-scoring drivers from 10 to 12 is under further scrutiny and awaits a detailed proposal in July.

Between the lines

  • The F1 Commission is considering expanding the points system to reward more drivers.
  • A decision has been deferred for additional analysis, with a new proposal expected in July.
  • Changes to sporting and financial regulations were agreed upon, along with rear-facing cameras from the Spanish GP.
  • Pre-season testing locations and dates for next year are to be proposed, with Australia and China hosting the opening races.

Go deeper
The F1 Commission, the sport’s governing body, has put the brakes on a potential revamp of the points system. The idea is to allow more teams to taste the sweet fruit of success by extending points to those finishing 11th and 12th. However, this isn’t a decision to be rushed like a pit stop; it requires careful consideration and a unanimous green light from at least six of the ten teams.

In the meantime, the Commission isn’t just twiddling its thumbs. They’ve waved the checkered flag for some other updates. For instance, starting with this year’s Spanish Grand Prix, drivers will have rear-facing cameras to enhance safety – because knowing who’s tailgating you at 200mph is pretty crucial!

But wait, there’s more! The F1 Commission has also tinkered with the sporting and financial rulebook, making minor adjustments that are more fine-tuning than a full engine overhaul. These changes might not make headlines, but they keep the sport’s gears shifting smoothly.

Looking ahead, the Commission is mapping out the pre-season testing circuit. Gone are the days of Bahrain being the sole dress rehearsal before the curtain-raiser. Next year, the engines will first roar to life in Australia, followed by a sequel in China, setting the stage for a global tour de force.

In summary, while the points system’s facelift has been put on hold, the F1 Commission is far from idle, ensuring the sport continues to evolve in the fast lane. Stay tuned for July, when they’ll roll out the blueprint for the points system’s potential new look. Until then, keep your seat belts fastened and your helmets on – it’s going to be an exhilarating ride!