Ferrari Sets 2024 F1 Launch Date

Ferrari F1 2024 car

Ferrari has officially scheduled the unveiling of their 2024 Formula 1 car, marking them as the pace-setter in next year’s pre-season preparations. The storied Maranello squad is gearing up for a February reveal, hoping to bounce back from a challenging season and set the stage for a competitive year ahead.

What’s next:

  • Ferrari will reveal their 2024 F1 car on February 13, a day before Valentine’s Day, at their Fiorano test circuit.
  • The new car, temporarily dubbed 676, will be introduced by team principal Frederic Vasseur, alongside drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.
  • Pre-season testing commences on February 21 in Bahrain, giving Ferrari a tight turnaround from reveal to track debut.
  • Ferrari aims to improve on their third-place finish in the constructors’ standings, with Vasseur emphasizing a focus on performance over promises.

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Last year, Ferrari played the waiting game, being the eighth team to reveal their car. This time, they’re jumping the gun, aiming to lead the pack into the new season. Their early announcement is a statement of intent, possibly signaling a more aggressive approach for the upcoming campaign.

ferrari f1 christmas lunch


The car’s christening as ‘676’ is a placeholder, a cloak of mystery before the grand reveal. The anticipation builds not just for the name, but for the technology and innovation that Ferrari will bring to the table. The Maranello event promises to be a spectacle of passion and precision, reflecting Ferrari’s storied legacy and future ambitions.

The pre-season testing in Bahrain is a mere week after the launch, placing extra pressure on the team to be race-ready. Vasseur’s quip about having “one day more before the test” is a light-hearted nod to the tight schedule, but it underscores the earnestness of their situation. Every day counts when you’re chasing the pinnacle of motorsport performance.

Fred Vasseur Ferrari F1 Christmas Lunch

Last season’s results were a mixed bag for Ferrari, with highs like Sainz’s win in Singapore and lows like finishing behind Mercedes. Vasseur’s pride in the team’s resilience is palpable, but so is the recognition that results are what truly matter. This launch is the first step in proving that Ferrari can not only compete but can also conquer.

Vasseur’s reluctance to make grand promises is a refreshing shift in tone. Instead of lofty declarations, he offers a commitment to hard work and results-driven focus. The “Easter gift” comment playfully suggests that the true measure of success will come when the cars hit the track in March, not from the hopeful rhetoric of the off-season.

In summary, Ferrari’s early announcement of their 2024 launch event is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a signal of their intent to reclaim their spot at the top. With a new car, a tight schedule, and a no-nonsense team principal at the helm, Ferrari is poised to rewrite their recent narrative and chase glory once again. Keep your engines revved and your calendars marked – the Prancing Horse is not horsing around this time.