Leclerc’s New Ferrari Mega Deal until 2029

leclerc new deal 2029

Charles Leclerc is set to don the iconic Ferrari red until the end of 2029, thanks to a freshly inked five-year contract extension. The deal not only secures the Monegasque’s future with the Scuderia but also reflects a hefty financial commitment, escalating his annual earnings significantly over the contract’s duration.

Between the lines

  • Charles Leclerc’s new contract with Ferrari extends his stay until 2029, with a substantial pay rise.
  • The agreement includes performance-related exit clauses after the 2027 season, offering Leclerc a potential out.
  • Ferrari’s commitment to Leclerc contrasts with ongoing negotiations with teammate Carlos Sainz, whose future remains uncertain.
  • Leclerc’s pole position record is unmatched among non-world champions, signaling Ferrari’s confidence in his talent.

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Charles Leclerc, the 26-year-old racing prodigy, has reportedly signed a deal that will see his annual salary start at a cool €25 million, eventually doubling to a whopping €50 million by the contract’s end. This lucrative arrangement underscores Ferrari’s belief in Leclerc as a pivotal figure in their quest for Formula 1 glory.

Leclerc’s current tenure with Ferrari has been a blend of electrifying performances and untapped potential, with the driver securing 23 pole positions – a record for a driver without a world championship to their name. Despite Ferrari’s recent struggles to match the pace of dominant teams like Red Bull, Leclerc’s commitment to the team is unwavering, and this new contract is a testament to that.

The fine print of Leclerc’s contract reveals performance-related exit clauses, which could come into play after the 2027 season. This gives Leclerc a safety net, allowing him to reassess his position based on the team’s performance and his career aspirations.

Meanwhile, the future of Leclerc’s teammate, Carlos Sainz, hangs in the balance. Ferrari and Sainz are in the throes of negotiation, with the team reportedly offering a shorter extension than Sainz desires. This decision may reflect Ferrari’s strategy to keep their options open for the second driver seat come 2026, especially with other drivers like Lando Norris becoming available after 2025.

In the grand scheme of things, Ferrari’s investment in Leclerc is a bold statement of intent. It signals their confidence in his ability to lead the team to success and their commitment to building a stable and competitive future. With an official announcement on the horizon, fans eagerly await confirmation of this significant development in the F1 world.