McLaren Welcomes Stephanie Carlin

stephanie carlin mclaren

McLaren F1 Team has made a strategic move by appointing Stephanie Carlin as their new Business Operations Director. With a rich background in motorsport management, Carlin is set to enhance the team’s operations and contribute to its growth in the upcoming 2024 F1 Academy season.

What we’re watching:

  • Stephanie Carlin joins McLaren F1 as Business Operations Director, starting January 2024.
  • Her previous roles include Team Principal for Rodin Carlin’s F3 and F1 Academy Teams, and for Lewis Hamilton’s Extreme E Team X44.
  • Carlin’s expertise spans various motorsport championships, with a career that began in press and marketing.
  • She will report directly to McLaren F1 Team Principal Andrea Stella, aiming to build on the team’s positive momentum.
  • Her association with McLaren reunites her with Lando Norris, a former Carlin protégé.
  • Carlin’s appointment is seen as a move to leverage her extensive experience to propel McLaren’s F1 operations.

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Stephanie Carlin‘s ascent in the world of motorsport management has been nothing short of meteoric. From her early days in press and marketing to her role as Commercial Manager at Carlin, she has shown a knack for leadership and strategic development. Her tenure as Overall Deputy Team Principal saw her managing multiple series, showcasing her ability to juggle complex operations with finesse.

McLaren’s decision to bring Carlin on board is a testament to her proven track record. The team has experienced a resurgence in the latter half of the 2023 season, finishing fourth in the Constructors’ standings. With Carlin at the helm of business operations, McLaren is looking to further this upward trajectory, tapping into her wealth of experience to fine-tune their F1 operations.

The relationship between Carlin and McLaren’s star driver, Lando Norris, adds a layer of intrigue to this appointment. Norris’ formative years under Carlin’s guidance were instrumental in his development as a driver. This reunion could very well reignite the same chemistry that propelled Norris to success in his junior years.

Carlin’s impact on motorsport extends beyond her immediate roles. The Carlin team, co-founded by her husband Trevor, has been a breeding ground for F1 talent, with a roster of alumni that reads like a who’s who of the racing elite. Her move to McLaren is not just a new chapter for her but also for the team, as they look to harness her expertise in nurturing talent and managing high-stakes competitions.

As the F1 world turns its eyes to the 2024 season, Stephanie Carlin’s role will be crucial in shaping McLaren’s strategies both on and off the track. Her comprehensive understanding of the motorsport landscape and her ability to drive business success make her an invaluable asset to the McLaren team. Fans and insiders alike will be keenly observing how her influence will translate into results in the high-octane arena of Formula 1.