Bottas Bares for Charity, Hits $150K

bottas calendar charity

Valtteri Bottas, F1 star, goes au naturel for a charitable cause, creating a stir with his ‘Bottass’ calendar. The cheeky endeavor not only showcases Bottas’s playful side but also raises a hefty $150,000 for Movember, aiding men’s health initiatives.

Between the lines

  • Valtteri Bottas swapped his racing gear for his birthday suit in a bold move to support Movember.
  • The ‘Bottass 2024’ calendar, featuring Bottas in the buff, was a hit, selling out its initial 10,000 copies.
  • Each calendar sale contributed €5 to prostate cancer research, reflecting a unique fusion of art, philanthropy, and humor.
  • Bottas’s mother, initially puzzled, gave her blessing upon learning the noble cause behind the nude poses.

Go deeper
Earlier this year, Valtteri Bottas decided to strip away the layers—literally—to contribute to a cause close to his heart. The Finnish driver, known for his speed on the track, showed he’s not afraid to reveal more than just his competitive spirit. The ‘Bottass 2024’ calendar is a collection of tastefully done nudes, captured by F1 photographer Paul Ripke, that presents Bottas in a light never seen before.

The project, which began as a light-hearted joke, transformed into a full-fledged charitable campaign. It gained traction following the popularity of a single revealing photograph of Bottas in 2022. The driver and his photographer friend decided to take it a step further, creating a full calendar to support Movember, a charity focused on men’s health issues like prostate cancer.

bottass calendar bottas charity

The response was overwhelming. Fans and supporters from around the globe clamored to get their hands on a copy of the calendar, leading to a sell-out and subsequent reprints. The initiative was a resounding success, with Bottas taking to social media to express his gratitude and announce the impressive fundraising total.

Bottas’s venture into the world of nude calendars was met with curiosity and some skepticism, particularly from his mother. However, once the charitable aspect was explained, the skepticism turned into support. The Sauber driver’s efforts have not only provided a hefty sum for a worthy cause but also added a dash of humor and humanity to the often serious world of F1 racing.

The ‘Bottass’ calendar has shown that sometimes, to make a significant impact, you have to be willing to expose yourself—figuratively and literally. Bottas’s playful approach to fundraising has certainly paid off, and the world of F1 has taken notice. It’s a reminder that behind the helmets and the high speeds, drivers like Bottas are willing to go the extra mile (or shed the extra layer) for something they believe in.

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