Norris’ Vegas Crash: Swift Hospital Release

norris crash las vegas gp 2023

Lando Norris experienced a swift yet dramatic conclusion to his Las Vegas Grand Prix efforts, as a severe crash led to a hospital visit. Fortunately, the McLaren driver was discharged without serious injuries, ready to reset for the season’s final race in Abu Dhabi.

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  • Lando Norris crashed out on lap 3 of the Las Vegas Grand Prix after a restart, leading to a hard hit in turn 12.
  • Norris was checked at the F1 medical center, then taken to University Medical Center for further evaluations, and was later discharged.
  • McLaren’s Andrea Stella suggested the crash was due to a track bump and cold tyres, recommending track surface improvements.
  • Teammate Oscar Piastri finished in the points with P10, despite a clash with Lewis Hamilton and early tyre degradation.
  • McLaren maintains a slim lead over Alpine in the constructors’ championship with just one race left.

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In the neon-bathed streets of Las Vegas, the Grand Prix took a startling turn when Lando Norris’s McLaren met the barriers with a thud that echoed through the paddock. The incident, occurring just after a Virtual Safety Car period, was enough to wind the young Brit, but not to keep him down for long.

Upon the initial medical check, it seemed Norris had dodged a bullet, but precautionary measures led to further evaluations at a local medical facility. Fans exhaled a collective sigh of relief as news of his discharge trickled through the early hours, confirming his readiness to jump back into the fray for the upcoming Abu Dhabi showdown.

norris in ambulance las vegas gp
source: Lando Norris Instagram

McLaren’s principal, Andrea Stella, didn’t just chalk the incident up to driver error. Instead, he pointed a finger at the combination of a notorious track bump and the tyres’ loss of temperature during the VSC. Stella’s comments suggested a call to action for track officials: smooth out the bumps or risk the drivers’ wrath (and potentially their safety).

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While Norris’s early exit was a blow to the team, Oscar Piastri carried the papaya banner forward, battling from 18th to a points finish. Despite a tangle with F1 veteran Lewis Hamilton and a premature tyre change, Piastri’s resilience shone through, securing a fastest lap bonus point along with his P10 finish.

As the dust settles on the Vegas strip, McLaren’s focus shifts to defending their constructors’ championship position. They sit precariously ahead of Alpine, with the season finale poised to be the ultimate decider. Will the McLaren duo hold their ground, or will Alpine play the spoiler in this high-stakes F1 showdown?

Stay tuned, race fans, as we barrel towards the conclusion of a season that’s been as unpredictable as a roll of the dice. Will McLaren’s gamble pay off? Only time, and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, will tell.