Ocon Dives into Alpine’s 2024 Simulator Testing

alpine simulator 2024

Esteban Ocon, the Alpine team’s ace driver, has been rigorously testing their 2024 contender. He’s been doing this in the team’s simulator at Enstone since September. This is the earliest he’s ever tested a future car.

Between the Lines
– Ocon’s early simulator testing of Alpine’s 2024 contender.
– Alpine’s 2023 campaign didn’t meet expectations, finishing outside the top four in F1’s Constructors’ standings.
– The team underwent a significant management shake-up during the summer.
– Departures of key personnel marked a new direction for the team.
– The interim leadership team is now tasked with stabilizing the team and planning for future success.

Go Deeper

Alpine’s 2023 season didn’t go as planned. Their A523 car lacked consistency and couldn’t match the performance of top midfield rivals. To address this, the team underwent a major management overhaul. This included the departure of Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer, Sporting Director Alan Permane, and Chief Technical Officer Pat Fry.

The shake-up led to a new interim leadership team. Bruno Famin, Vice President of Alpine Motorsports, stepped in as Interim Team Principal. He was joined by Julian Rouse, Interim Sporting Director, and Matt Harman, head of the technical team at Enstone.

The new team is focused on stabilizing and setting a course for future success. Ocon has been a key part of this, testing the 2024 model in the simulator since September. This early testing has allowed the team to address issues and get early feedback.

However, Ocon admits that until the car is on the track, it’s hard to know exactly where it stands. The coming months will involve further development and wind tunnel time. This will be different from the initial testing and the start of the first race.