PUMA Partners with F1 Academy

Puma F1 Academy

PUMA has stepped into a multi-year partnership with F1 Academy, aligning with the series’ mission to boost female participation in motorsport. The collaboration will not only provide PUMA with a fresh motorsport legacy but also leverage its global audience to inspire a new, diverse generation of motorsport enthusiasts.

What we’re watching:

  • PUMA becomes an Official Partner of F1 Academy, starting with the series’ second season in Saudi Arabia.
  • The partnership aims to increase female participation in motorsport and connect with PUMA’s global, diverse audience.
  • Ferrari Academy driver Aurelia Nobels will debut under the PUMA livery for ART Grand Prix in 2024.
  • PUMA will supply race gear to F1 Academy Wild Card entries and partner livery drivers, as well as footwear for staff.

Go deeper:
The union between PUMA and F1 Academy is more than just a brand alliance; it’s a strategic move that intertwines PUMA’s deep roots in motorsport apparel innovation with F1 Academy’s progressive agenda. PUMA’s history in motorsport spans nearly four decades, pioneering safety and performance gear that has become integral to the sport. Their expertise in creating motorsport clothing that appeals to fans and athletes alike is expected to bring a new edge to F1 Academy’s image.

This partnership is set to kick off a new chapter for PUMA in motorsport, with a special focus on female empowerment within the field. By supporting F1 Academy’s Wild Card entries, PUMA is directly contributing to the opportunities available for women to compete at high levels of racing. This move aligns with PUMA’s broader commitment to advancing women in sports, both on and off the track.

The collaboration also promises to deliver a fresh aesthetic to the racing series, with PUMA’s influence in streetwear and lifestyle fashion expected to attract younger audiences. The impact of such a partnership extends beyond the track, as it helps to dissolve the boundaries between sport, lifestyle, and fashion, making motorsport more accessible and appealing to a wider demographic.

F1 Academy’s Managing Director, Susie Wolff MBE, and PUMA’s Chief Product Officer, Maria Valdes, both emphasize the cultural and innovative synergy between the two entities. Their shared vision goes beyond traditional sponsorships, aiming to create a platform that not only fosters talent but also inspires a generation to see motorsport in a new light.

As the partnership unfolds, the motorsport community will be keenly observing how PUMA’s involvement will shape the future of F1 Academy and its quest to diversify the sport. With the series set to begin its second season, all eyes will be on how this collaboration will drive forward the mission of F1 Academy and the impact it will have on the sport’s evolving landscape.