F1 Driver Contract Expirations Unveiled

In the high-octane world of Formula 1, the future of drivers often hinges on the thread of their contracts. F1Technical’s Balázs Szabó sheds light on the expiry dates of these pivotal agreements, revealing the career trajectories of the grid’s top talents.

Between the lines

  • Max Verstappen is Red Bull’s long-term ace, with a contract locking him in until the end of 2028.
  • Sergio Perez faces a make-or-break 2024 season with Red Bull after a string of challenging races.
  • Lewis Hamilton’s surprise switch to Ferrari in 2025 leaves Mercedes and fans in a state of shock.
  • George Russell seizes the opportunity to lead Mercedes post-Hamilton, with a contract through 2025.
  • Charles Leclerc’s new deal with Ferrari is shrouded in mystery, rumored to extend from 2025 to 2027 with options.
  • Lando Norris remains a key player for McLaren, with an undisclosed extension beyond 2025.

Go deeper

The F1 driver market is a chessboard of strategy, with each move setting off a chain reaction. **Max Verstappen**, the 2021 world champion, has settled into a lengthy stint with Red Bull, ensuring stability and a focused drive towards more titles. His teammate, Sergio Perez, however, is skating on thin ice. The Mexican’s performance in 2023 has put his future with the team on a knife-edge, and the upcoming season could be his last chance to prove his mettle.

Over at Mercedes, the bombshell announcement of Lewis Hamilton’s departure to Ferrari in 2025 has sent ripples through the paddock. The British legend’s tenure with Mercedes has been nothing short of historic, but the allure of the Prancing Horse and a multi-year deal was too tempting to resist. This leaves George Russell, the team’s rising star, poised to fill Hamilton’s shoes as the de facto leader.

Ferrari’s own prodigy, Charles Leclerc, has the team’s confidence, underscored by a hush-hush contract extension that speaks volumes of their faith in his abilities. His teammate, Carlos Sainz, also looks set to continue with the Scuderia, although rumors of a move to Audi’s future F1 project linger.

Lando Norris has been secured by McLaren with an ‘extended multi-year’ deal, which keeps him out of the clutches of rival teams eyeing his potential. The details are scarce, but the commitment is clear.

Each driver’s fate is intertwined with their contract, and as the ink dries on these deals, the future of F1’s gladiators takes shape. The grid is a mosaic of ambition and talent, each piece slotting into place as seasons roll on. The dance of driver contracts is a delicate one, where timing, performance, and opportunity lead a tango of uncertainty and excitement.