Red Bull’s 2026 Engine Challenge: Bigger Than You Think

red bull engine 2026

Red Bull is charging ahead with its 2026 in-house power unit project. This is a massive undertaking that many people underestimate, according to Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal.

What’s Next

  • Red Bull and AlphaTauri will stop using Honda’s power units after the 2025 F1 season.
  • Both teams will then use power units developed by Red Bull Powertrains (RBPT), with input from Ford.
  • RBPT’s work is ongoing at a dedicated building in Red Bull’s Milton Keynes campus.
  • This project is a significant risk that could affect Red Bull’s championship-winning trajectory.
red bull ford f1 powertrains

Go Deeper

The decision to build their own engine came after Honda decided to step back from Formula 1 to focus more on their electrification plans. Interestingly, Honda has since changed its mind and will stay in F1 as a supplier to the Aston Martin team.

Funding for this ambitious project has come from Red Bull’s parent company in Austria. Without their support, this project wouldn’t have been possible. But the investment is just one part of the story. Horner believes that many people don’t fully grasp the enormity of the challenge Red Bull has taken on.

He shared his thoughts on the project, saying:

“I don’t think people perhaps comprehend the scale of the challenge that we’ve taken on for 2026. But the way the team is attacking it is exactly the same way that we have with the chassis.”