Ferrari’s High Hopes for Las Vegas Grand Prix

Ferrari Makes Another Strategy Mistake

Ferrari is all set for the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, despite the challenges with their SF-23. They’re confident about their performance and are excited to race on the new 6.2km street circuit in the heart of Vegas.

What We’re Hearing

– Ferrari is hopeful about their prospects for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.
– The Grand Prix will be held on a newly designed 6.2km street circuit, a big change from the makeshift track used decades ago.
– This will be the sixth street circuit visited by F1 this season.
– Despite a “tricky” SF-23, Ferrari believes they can be competitive in Las Vegas.
– Ironing out the SF-23’s inconsistency is a top priority for Ferrari’s engineers.

Go Deeper

After more than four decades, F1 is returning to Las Vegas. This time, the race won’t be on a makeshift track in a hotel parking lot. Instead, it will be on a proper street circuit that runs down a part of Vegas’ famous Strip. Ferrari, having led the field in previous street circuits like Baku and Singapore, is optimistic about their performance.

The SF-23, Ferrari’s current car, has been a bit of a challenge. Its inconsistency, which lies deep under the hood, has been a major issue. But Ferrari’s senior performance engineer, Jock Clear, believes that the low downforce environment in Las Vegas is ideal for the SF-23. Despite the car’s issues, Clear is confident about the race. “Las Vegas is going to be a good one,” he said.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a unique race. It will take place at night, with single-digit Celsius temperatures that could affect tyre efficiency. Teams and drivers are expecting a challenging weekend. But Ferrari’s Scuderia boss, Fred Vasseur, sees it as an opportunity.

“We have to take it as an opportunity to come back at Mercedes [in the Constructors’ Championship],”.