Red Bull’s Daring Dark Pit Stop


In an extraordinary display of skill and coordination, Red Bull Racing’s pit crew has executed a near-perfect pit stop in total darkness, demonstrating their exceptional capabilities extend beyond the visible spectrum. This stunt not only highlights their technical proficiency but also cements their reputation for pushing boundaries in Formula 1.

Between the lines

  • Red Bull Racing’s pit crew achieved a 2.84-second tyre change in pitch-black conditions, a testament to their precision and teamwork.
  • The team’s engineering prowess is matched by their operational excellence, securing the DHL Fastest Pitstop Award for the sixth year running.
  • Following intense practice, the crew’s efforts culminated in a pit stop time that rivals daylight performances, despite the lack of visibility.
  • Night vision technology aided the driver and jack operators, while tyre changers worked in complete darkness.

Go deeper

Red Bull Racing has long been synonymous with innovation and excellence in Formula 1, and their latest stunt—the “Pitch Black Pit Stop”—is no exception. In what seems like a scene straight out of a high-octane movie, the team’s pit crew, accustomed to the bright lights of the track, plunged into darkness to challenge their own limits.

The Milton Keynes-based team is not just about flashy stunts; their sixth F1 Constructors’ title is a direct result of the synergy between their cutting-edge RB19 car design and the flawless execution by the pit crew on race days. It’s this combination of top-notch engineering and operational finesse that has kept them at the pinnacle of the sport.

To prepare for the daunting “Pitch Black Pit Stop,” the crew underwent rigorous training, which included three practice sessions with blindfolds. This intense preparation paid off, as they managed to whittle down their initial 8.84-second attempt to an astonishing 2.84 seconds over ten trials. This time is not just impressive for the conditions but is competitive with average pit stop times in fully lit environments.

While the stunt was a controlled exercise, it speaks volumes about the crew’s adaptability and cohesion. Red Bull’s sporting manager, Jonathan Wheatley, praised the team’s performance, emphasizing the seamless communication and ability that made such a feat possible.

This event once again proves that Red Bull Racing is not just about speed on the track but also about pushing the envelope of what’s possible in Formula 1. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest conditions, teamwork and determination can lead to illuminating results. Keep an eye on this team—they’re clearly not afraid to operate outside the conventional light of day.