Alonso Reflects on Missed Aston Martin Wins

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Fernando Alonso, the two-time F1 world champion, has pinpointed races at Monaco and Zandvoort where he believes his Aston Martin team could have triumphed. Despite a strong season with multiple podiums, Alonso feels that with a bit of luck and strategic calls, victories were within reach for the reinvigorated team.

What we’re hearing

  • Alonso feels Aston Martin deserved to win in 2023, particularly at Monaco and Dutch GPs.
  • Strategic decisions during races, especially in changing weather conditions, played a crucial role in missed opportunities.
  • Consistency and straight-line speed are identified as areas for improvement for Aston Martin in 2024.
  • The team’s strength in tyre management and positive energy are seen as key factors in their success.
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source: Planetf1


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Fernando Alonso’s transition to Aston Martin has been nothing short of a revelation, with the team’s performance leaping forward, placing them just behind the dominant Red Bull. Alonso’s experience and skill have been pivotal, with the Spaniard securing eight podiums and a commendable fourth in the drivers’ championship.

In Monaco, Alonso and his team faced the ultimate test of strategy as the heavens opened. A decision to switch to slicks instead of intermediates, as the winner Max Verstappen did, cost them dearly. Similarly, at Zandvoort, a rain-affected race saw Alonso challenging for the lead, only to fall short after a late restart.

Despite these near-misses, Alonso praised the team’s progress, noting their rise from seventh to fifth in the constructors’ standings. He highlighted the car’s tyre degradation prowess and the team’s strategy execution as strengths, but also acknowledged the need for greater consistency and improved straight-line speed.

The Aston Martin car’s narrow performance window and lack of straight-line speed were cited as weaknesses that need addressing. Alonso emphasized the importance of maintaining the team’s high spirits and motivation, which have been instrumental in their 2023 campaign.

As the team looks to 2024, the focus will be on ironing out these weaknesses while building on their strengths. With Alonso at the helm, Aston Martin’s pursuit of the top step is more determined than ever.