F1 Cooling Scoops Approved for 2024

F1 heat cooling scoops approved

In a move to combat extreme heat in Formula 1, the FIA has officially greenlit the use of cooling scoops from the 2024 season. These devices aim to enhance driver comfort by channeling cooler air into the cockpit during races in hot climates.

Between the lines

  • The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council approved “cooling scoops” to alleviate driver heat stress in high-temperature races.
  • Williams’ Logan Sargeant’s Qatar GP retirement due to dehydration highlighted the need for improved cockpit cooling.
  • Cooling scoops, located underneath the car, will direct air into the cockpit, starting in the 2024 season.
  • Additional safety measures and minor technical regulation tweaks were also discussed to enhance overall F1 safety.

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During the latest meeting in Baku, the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council, led by Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid, addressed several amendments to the F1 regulations. While the 2024 calendar with its record 24 events was a topic of conversation, the council’s commitment to the health and safety of F1 personnel was paramount.

The extreme conditions at last year’s Qatar Grand Prix put drivers’ health in the spotlight, with Williams’ Logan Sargeant forced to retire due to severe dehydration, and teammate Alex Albon requiring post-race treatment. These incidents triggered an FIA investigation into improving cockpit conditions.

The introduction of cooling scoops was previously endorsed by the F1 Commission in Abu Dhabi, but now has the formal seal of approval from the WMSC. This update to the technical regulations is a proactive step towards ensuring driver safety in challenging climates.

The council also addressed other safety concerns, such as the risk posed by dislodged metallic components from the cars. New limitations on the number and mass of these components have been introduced to reduce this hazard. Additionally, grid access time for team members has been shortened from 50 to 40 minutes before a race, streamlining grid preparations.

For cars starting from the pit lane, a new mandatory procedure has been established to clear the pit lane of personnel and equipment 90 seconds after the formation lap begins, eliminating potential obstacles. Lastly, minor adjustments to the 2026 technical regulations were discussed to facilitate a smooth transition to the new era of F1.