FIA Bans Pit Exit Overtaking Post-Verstappen

verstappen overtake abu dhabi 2023 pit lane

The FIA has put the brakes on overtaking at the Yas Marina pit exit to enhance safety, following Max Verstappen’s controversial maneuvers during practice. The new rule prohibits drivers from overtaking in the pit exit tunnel, except when a car is visibly struggling.

Between the lines:

  • Max Verstappen’s aggressive overtaking during Abu Dhabi practice has prompted FIA action.
  • The narrow pit exit tunnel’s safety is in question, leading to a ban on overtaking in that area.
  • Revised FIA event notes now explicitly forbid the practice unless a car has an obvious problem.
  • The decision aims to prevent potential safety hazards during the race weekend.

Go deeper:
During the hustle and bustle of Friday’s practice at Yas Marina, Max Verstappen’s eagerness to maximize track time led to some dicey moments. The Red Bull ace, not one to dawdle, found himself playing a high-speed game of “excuse me” with Hamilton and Russell in the pit exit’s “underpass” section. His frustration was palpable as he felt other drivers were putting him between a rock and a hard place—or more accurately, a car and a wall.

The FIA, playing the role of the vigilant school crossing guard, has stepped in with a new rule. No more overtaking in the pit exit, kids, unless someone’s ride is visibly limping. This move isn’t just about putting Verstappen in the corner; it’s about ensuring all the speed demons play nice in the pit lane’s tight confines.

But here’s the twist: this isn’t the first time the FIA has had to play traffic cop. Qualifying sessions have been a bit of a jam session, with drivers trying to find their solo spot on the track, leading to some pit lane pandemonium. The FIA had previously allowed overtaking in the pit exit at the Brazilian Grand Prix, but it seems that was more of a band-aid than a cure.

Now, with the new directive, the FIA hopes to steer clear of any pit lane pile-ups. It’s a bit like telling racehorses to walk, not gallop, out of the gate. Will it work? Time and the temperaments of our speed-hungry racers will tell.

So, for those keeping score at home or following along on social media, this is the latest chapter in the “Rules of the Road: F1 Edition.” It’s a never-ending saga of speed, safety, and the occasional side-eye between competitors. Stay tuned, and remember, in the fast-paced world of F1, even the pit lane can be a battleground.