Russell Tops FP3, McLaren Duo Shines

russel fp3 abu dhabi telemetry

George Russell sets the pace in the final practice session in Abu Dhabi, leading the McLaren drivers, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri. The session left big names like Ferrari’s Leclerc and Red Bull’s Verstappen trailing, raising eyebrows ahead of the season’s final qualifying.

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  • George Russell clinched the fastest time in Abu Dhabi’s FP3, outpacing McLaren’s Lando Norris and rookie Oscar Piastri.
  • Front-runners from Ferrari and Red Bull struggled to match the pace, with Sainz finishing surprisingly last.
  • The session’s results have stirred the pot, creating an unpredictable lead-up to the final qualifying of the year.
  • Conditions during FP3 were not indicative of the race environment, complicating teams’ setup decisions.
  • The session ended with mixed outcomes for the grid, setting the stage for a potentially thrilling qualifying session.

russel norris fp3 abu dhabi 2023 telemetry

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In the scorching heat of Abu Dhabi, George Russell and his Mercedes emerged as the cool leaders of the final practice, leaving competitors sweating over their strategies. The Briton’s performance was a statement of intent, as he led the charge with a time that remained unbeaten throughout the session.

McLaren’s dynamic duo, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, showed their mettle by clinching second and third places, respectively. Norris was a mere whisker away from Russell’s time, hinting at a potential upset in the making for the qualifying showdown.

While Mercedes and McLaren reveled in their success, Ferrari’s duo seemed to be playing a different game. Charles Leclerc, who had shown promise on Friday, couldn’t replicate his speed, and Carlos Sainz’s last-place finish was as baffling as a plot twist in a spy novel.

Red Bull, usually a dominant force, found themselves in an unusual mid-field position. Max Verstappen, the flying Dutchman, had to settle for a spot outside the top five, while his wingman, Sergio Perez, languished even further behind in P11.

As the clock ticked down, the session’s narrative was clear: the expected frontrunners were scattered across the leaderboard, and the underdogs were seizing the spotlight. This mix-up promises a nail-biting qualifying session where strategy, skill, and perhaps a sprinkle of luck will determine who gets the coveted front-row seats for the race.

With the final qualifying of the season on the horizon, teams and drivers are gearing up for a twilight battle under the Yas Marina lights. Will the practice session’s surprises translate into a qualifying shake-up? Stay tuned to our social channels for the latest updates and insights as we gear up for an electrifying end to the F1 season.