FIA President Probed for Race Meddling

Ben Sulayem Investigated

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem is under scrutiny for allegedly influencing the outcome of the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The controversy centers on a penalty reversal for Fernando Alonso, which has sparked an investigation by the FIA’s ethics committee.

Between the lines

  • Mohammed Ben Sulayem is accused of interfering with the race result by influencing a penalty decision.
  • Fernando Alonso’s 10-second penalty, issued during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, was later overturned by stewards.
  • A whistleblower’s report to the FIA compliance officer has led to an ethics committee investigation.
  • The FIA has remained tight-lipped, declining to comment while the investigation is ongoing.

Go deeper

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix drama unfolded when Fernando Alonso crossed the finish line and was subsequently slapped with a 10-second penalty. This penalty was linked to an alleged pit stop infringement involving a rear jack. However, the plot thickened as the night wore on; the stewards, after reviewing new evidence, performed a U-turn on their decision, reinstating Alonso’s third-place finish.

The intrigue escalated when a whistleblower alleged that FIA President Ben Sulayem had called an official at the race, expressing his view that the penalty should be reversed. This has raised eyebrows and serious questions about the integrity of F1’s decision-making processes.

Alonso Arabian GP 2023

The BBC’s report has shone a spotlight on the FIA compliance officer Paolo Basarri’s findings, which are now with the ethics committee. This committee is tasked with untangling the web of claims and determining the veracity of the alleged interference.

Senior figures in the sport have confirmed the report’s existence, expressing their concerns over the implications it could have for the sport’s governance. The FIA’s silence on the matter only adds to the suspense, leaving fans and insiders alike awaiting the outcome of what could be a pivotal moment in F1’s history.

ben sulayem president fia

In a sport where every second counts and the rules are sacrosanct, the outcome of this investigation could have far-reaching consequences. Not only is the reputation of the FIA President at stake, but also the trust in the sport’s regulatory body to act impartially and uphold the integrity of racing. As the F1 community holds its breath, the wheels of justice are turning, and the world awaits the final verdict on this high-speed controversy.