Las Vegas Sphere’s F1 Color Ban

The Las Vegas Sphere, a huge LED screen, can’t use yellow, red, or blue during Formula 1 races. This is to keep drivers safe and focused.

Catch up quick:
– No yellow, red, or blue on the Sphere during F1.
– F1 made a deal to use it for the race weekend.


Go deeper:
The Las Vegas Sphere is a giant ball with lots of little lights. It’s only been there for two months, but everyone in Las Vegas knows about it. It’s super big and shows lots of colors. The Sphere is like a huge TV for live shows. Right now, a famous band called U2 is playing there.

But this weekend, the Sphere is part of the Formula 1 race. Formula 1 is a type of car racing that’s really fast. The people who run Formula 1 made a special plan with the Sphere. They want to use it to show cool things for the race.

Usually, the Sphere can show many colors. But during the race, it can’t show three colors: yellow, red, and blue. These colors are important in racing. They tell drivers if they need to slow down or stop. So, the Sphere can’t use them. This is to make sure the drivers don’t get mixed up.

The Sphere is so big that the drivers can see it when they are racing. It’s right by a part of the track where they turn. But the people who run the Sphere say it’s okay. They know what colors not to use. They even have someone to make sure they show the right things.

One driver, George Russell, says the Sphere is amazing. He doesn’t think it will make the drivers mess up. He says it’s just part of what makes the race exciting. They’re trying new things, and that’s fun.

Remember, this is just one part of the big race in Las Vegas. There’s a lot more happening, and it’s all about fast cars and cool technology. If you want to know more, you can check out Facebook and Twitter for updates.