Perez Reprimanded for Steward Critique

perez front view sad

Sergio Perez faced the music with a formal reprimand from the FIA after his heated comments about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix stewards. The Red Bull driver’s outburst followed a penalty that dropped him from the podium to fourth place, leading to an apology for his “personal insults” in the heat of the moment.

Between the lines

  • Perez received a five-second penalty during the Abu Dhabi GP, demoting him from third to fourth.
  • Post-race, Perez lashed out at stewards, calling them a “joke” over the team radio.
  • The FIA reprimanded Perez for violating Article 12.2.1 K of the International Sporting Code.
  • Stewards accepted Perez’s sincere apology, acknowledging his respectful history in hearings.

Go deeper

During the adrenaline-fueled finale at Yas Marina, Perez’s tussle with Lando Norris caught the stewards’ eye, resulting in a penalty that proved costly for the Mexican driver. His immediate reaction was one of frustration, which he voiced openly, forgetting the wide reach of the broadcasted team radio.

The FIA stewards, while understanding the high tensions of racing, could not overlook the breach of conduct. Article 12.2.1 K is clear on maintaining respect towards officials, and personal attacks don’t fly, even in the world of high-speed motorsport. Perez’s comments warranted a reprimand, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t a usual occurrence for the typically composed driver.

In a post-race discussion, Perez faced the music and expressed genuine remorse for his comments. The stewards, in turn, recognized his apology and his previous record of respectfulness. This incident highlights the pressure cooker environment of Formula 1, where emotions can run high and words can fly faster than the cars themselves.

The reprimand serves as a reminder to all drivers that while the heat of the moment is understandable, respect must be upheld. It’s a balancing act between raw competitive spirit and the professionalism expected in the sport.

As the dust settles on the season, this episode will likely be a footnote in an otherwise stellar year for Perez. Fans and drivers alike are already looking forward to the next season, where the drama of F1 will continue, hopefully with a little less radio controversy.