Red Bull’s F1 Dominance Nearly Perfect

red bull team photo 2023

Red Bull Racing’s F1 season was one victory shy of a historic clean sweep, with 21 wins out of 22 races. Despite the miss, Team Principal Christian Horner remains positive, reflecting on the team’s incredible achievements and looking forward to future challenges.

Between the lines:

  • Red Bull’s near-perfect season was interrupted by a single loss to Ferrari in Singapore.
  • Christian Horner is impressed but not fixated on the missed clean sweep, calling the season “insanity.”
  • Max Verstappen’s record-breaking achievements have cemented the team’s 2022 car as one of the most successful in F1 history.
  • The team faces a substantial $7.4 million entry fee for the 2024 season due to their high point tally.

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Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 campaign this year was nothing short of spectacular, with the team claiming 21 victories in a 22-race season. The only blemish on their record came courtesy of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in Singapore, a defeat that Christian Horner views as a humbling experience rather than a source of annoyance. Horner praises the team’s performance as a testament to their hard work and dedication, with a nod to the future where they can strive for even more.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s leading man, has had an emotional season, breaking numerous records including most wins in a single season and leading over 1000 laps. The RB18, Red Bull’s championship-winning car, has etched its name in the annals of F1 history, overshadowing previous record holders like McLaren and Sebastian Vettel’s 2013 season.

However, success comes at a cost, quite literally in the case of Red Bull Racing. The team’s record points haul translates into a hefty entry fee for the 2024 season, calculated based on the FIA’s performance-based fee structure. This system, designed to promote fairness and financial sustainability, will see Red Bull pay over $7 million, a sum Horner describes as a “luxury problem” outside of the budget cap.

Despite the financial implications, the focus remains on the team’s incredible achievements. Red Bull’s dominance this season has set a new benchmark in Formula 1, and while the cost of success is high, the team’s spirits and ambitions are higher. Keep an eye on Red Bull as they prepare to write another chapter in their storied F1 legacy.

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