Verstappen Dominates F1 Testing Day 1

verstappen bahrain testing 2024 f1

Max Verstappen set the pace on the first day of F1 testing with a blistering lap time on medium tyres. The reigning champion showed no signs of slowing down, completing an impressive 142 laps in the RB20.

What we’re watching:

  • Max Verstappen’s fastest lap was a stunning 1m 31.344s on the C3 tyres.
  • Verstappen experienced initial struggles but quickly adapted, showcasing his comfort in the RB20.
  • A marathon runner in a sprinter’s world, Verstappen clocked in 142 laps, indicating reliability and stamina.
  • Teammate Sergio Perez is set to take the wheel next, offering a fresh perspective on the RB20’s capabilities.
  • As the track conditions improve, lap times are expected to drop further, especially with softer tyres in play.

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Max Verstappen’s performance on the first day of pre-season testing was nothing short of spectacular. With the fastest times in both morning and afternoon sessions, he has laid down a marker for his competitors. His lap time, achieved on the medium C3 tyres, is indicative of both his and the car’s raw pace.

Despite the track being ‘green’ and lacking grip initially, Verstappen adapted like a chameleon on wheels, swiftly finding the limit and pushing the RB20 to its paces. His comfort level with the car was evident as he danced over the kerbs, painting a picture of a driver and machine in perfect harmony.

The sheer number of laps completed by Verstappen is a testament to the reliability of the Red Bull machine. It’s an ironman display in a sport where every second counts, and it sends a clear message about the team’s endurance and preparation levels.

Looking ahead, Sergio Perez will step into the cockpit, providing a new set of hands and eyes to assess the RB20. This changeover will be crucial in understanding the car’s behavior with different driving styles and in further refining its performance.

Finally, as the track evolves over the testing period, the lap times are expected to become even more competitive. Teams will likely experiment with the softer tyre compounds, which could lead to some eye-watering times being set. Keep your eyes peeled, as the leaderboard could shuffle dramatically in the days to come.

To catch a glimpse of Verstappen’s fastest lap and to see the RB20 in action, viewers can watch the onboard footage. It’s a chance to experience the thrill of F1 testing from the perspective of the sport’s current kingpin.