Pitt is pitting at Silverstone

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We’re making a triumphant return to Silverstone, the track that knows how to leave tire marks on our hearts.

Remember Carlos Sainz’s jaw-dropping maiden win, Zhou Guanyu’s heart-stopping crash (he’s alright, thank goodness!), and the climate activists turning up the heat on the asphalt last year? Silverstone sure knows how to serve a platter of unforgettable moments.

But wait, there’s more! Formula 1 has just unleashed the 2024 race calendar, and it’s a lineup that will make your engine roar with excitement. Keep scrolling to mark the dates in your calendar!

It’s time to buckle up! We’re stoked to have you right here in our paddock, fueling our passion for Formula 1. Let’s rev those engines and make every lap count! 🏎️💨

  1. Pit Stop Talks – Everything you need to know ahead of British GP
  2. In-depth education: From Start to Finish: Recalling the F1’s Most Memorable Races
  3. Fast Lane News – Stay updated with F1 news because missing out is like stalling on the starting line—totally uncool
  4. The British GP – Get ready for the race with all information on the schedule, circuit and tiresIgnite the engines, and let’s go!


f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

 📅 F1 2024 calendar is out, and we race on Saturdays?

Formula 1 just dropped the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar, and it’s a wild ride!

The action begins in Bahrain on March 2 and wraps up in Abu Dhabi on December 8, with a whopping 24 races in between.

Now, Formula 1 is not just about speed and fancy cars. They want to make things easier and more sustainable, like a pit stop on the road to progress. So, they’re getting crafty with their race locations.

They’re all about regionalization, which basically means they want to reduce the logistical hassles and give us fans a smoother, more action-packed season. While the calendar is more regionalized than last year, it still has a long way to go before actually achieving it.

But hold on to your steering wheels because this next bit is a game-changer! For the first two races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the Grand Prix will take place on a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday.

Why? Well, it’s all about accommodating Ramadan. Formula 1 wants to show respect and understanding for different cultures and traditions. So, they’re making sure everyone can enjoy the races, no matter their beliefs. – Read more


🖊️ Points 2022 vs. Points 2023

Let’s start with the Constructor Championship points. Alpha Tauri had a rough start in 2023, going from 27 points to a measly 2 points. Ouch! That’s their worst kickoff since 2006, when Toro Rosso came into the scene.

Meanwhile, Alfa Romeo also took a nosedive in the points department.

But fear not McLaren fans! While their start in 2023 was about as smooth as a pothole-filled track, there’s hope on the horizon. Their updated car promises better times ahead.

Now, let’s zoom in on the Drivers Championship points.

In one corner, we have Russell, who suffered a massive blow, losing a whopping 39 points compared to the previous year. It’s like someone stole his lucky horseshoe and replaced it with a flat tire.

On the other side, we have Hamilton, who gained 29 points.

Alonso is breaking all the records. After nine races in 2023, he experienced a mind-boggling 113 points more compared to last year. It’s safe to say Alonso’s rocket is firing on all cylinders.

 👚Williams unveiled their new outfit

Williams is revving up to celebrate a momentous occasion at the British Grand Prix this weekend. They’re about to hit a jaw-dropping milestone: their 800th grand prix in Formula 1!

Williams has gone all out to mark this epic achievement and unveiled a snazzy, one-off commemorative livery that’ll make your eyes pop!


But here’s a little twist in the tale. Originally, the 800th grand prix was supposed to take place at Silverstone, the home turf of British racing. It would have been a perfect match made in motorsport heaven.

However, fate had other plans. Due to the cancellation of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in Imola, that landmark event inconveniently shifted to Hungary.

It seems like even in the fast-paced world of Formula 1, one can’t escape the occasional plot twist. – Read more

🎥 Pitt is pitting

Brad Pitt’s fictional F1 team, APXGP, is causing a stir at the British Grand Prix. This team is straight out of Hollywood and making its “public” debut at Silverstone.

Brad plays Sonny Hayes, an older F1 driver who comes out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie played by Damson Idris. The team’s sleek black-and-gold car, a modified Formula 2 with F1 stylings, is turning heads.

With the help of Mercedes and Carlin, this on-screen duo is taking method acting to new speeds. The seven-time world champ Lewis Hamilton is producing the movie and fine-tuning the script. – Read more

🔝 Mercedes upgrades

The Silver Arrows have been busy fine-tuning their beastly machines. They pulled off some serious magic at the Monaco Grand Prix, introducing a radical update that had everyone’s jaws dropping.

And guess what? Lewis Hamilton and George Russell strutted their stuff a week later at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, bagging a double podium.

Naturally, Mercedes was on cloud nine, soaring back to second place in the Constructors’ standings, leaving Aston Martin in the dust. But Austrian Grand Prix proved to be a bit of a snoozefest for the Silver Arrows.

Both drivers grappled with some balance issues, leading to a flurry of track limit infringements by Hamilton in the main event.

The magnificent W14 is now getting even more love on its home turf. – Read more

We’ve got updates coming to the cars, we have a new front wing that we are going to be bringing. That will hopefully move us a bit further up the grid and also, we are hoping that the track itself is going to suit the car a bit better than that Austria circuit.

🦺 Safety first, people!

The Just Stop Oil group has been going around causing disarray at various British sporting events this summer. Soccer, rugby union, snooker, cricket, and tennis have all been affected.

Last year’s British GP felt the sting of these protesters. They managed to sneak onto the circuit during a red flag period following Zhou Guanyu’s first-corner crash, which was as terrifying as it sounds.

Stuart Pringle, the Managing Director of Silverstone, has taken the mic and urged the protestors to think twice about committing a “ridiculously reckless” offense. – Read more

“Motorsport and F1 this weekend, compared with invading a flower show in Chelsea or an outfield at Lords [cricket ground], there is a very high likelihood of serious injury or death if you go and sit in front of a racing car that can do up to 200mph… It is a ridiculously reckless thing to put your own life and the drivers’, spectators’ and marshals’ lives at risk.

🔴 Ferrari brought a completely redesigned beam wing!

  • The upper element is now almost horizontal
  • The lower element now has a more loaded design

The new beam wing design might make its lower plane interact with the diffuser more.

f1 race reviewFrom Start to Finish: Recalling the F1’s Most Memorable Races

Now, we all know that last year’s British Grand Prix was an absolute jewel in the motorsport crown. The Silverstone Circuit was buzzing with excitement as the drivers battled it out, wheel-to-wheel, in a display of pure adrenaline-fueled drama.

The electrifying atmosphere, the nail-biting overtakes, and the heart-stopping finishes made it a race for the books. And guess what? That’s just the tip of the racing iceberg!

So, hold on tight as we take a whirlwind tour through the five best jaw-dropping races that have left an indelible mark on the world of F1.

1977 US Grand Prix

Niki Lauda and James Hunt, two racing legends, engaged in a rivalry so intense it could set the track on fire. There is even a movie about it.

Now, amidst all the tire-screeching drama, something extraordinary unfolded at the US Grand Prix. This race wasn’t just about speed. It was a nail-biting championship decider. The stakes were high, and the tension thicker than peanut butter on a summer day.

James Hunt, the daring British sensation, had one simple mission: win the race and pray that Lauda, the Austrian ace, finished no lower than fourth. The starting grid saw Hunt on pole position, while Lauda settled for a modest seventh place.

Hunt bolted away into the lead, leaving everyone else in his exhaust fumes. Lauda, on the other hand, found himself entangled in an epic showdown with Jody Scheckter. Lauda was like a man possessed, relentlessly chasing that fourth place like it was the last donut at a cop convention.

Just when you thought the race couldn’t get any more intense, Hans-Joachim Stuck’s gearbox decided to call it quits while fighting alongside Hunt for the lead.

This stroke of luck changed everything for Lauda. With Hunt distracted by gearbox woes, our Austrian hero no longer had to risk it all against Scheckter.

He could finally breathe a sigh of relief and cruise his way to a solid fourth-place finish, clinching his second World Championship.

1984 Monaco Grand Prix

The 1984 Monaco Grand Prix was packed with unpredictable weather, an unlikely podium, drama lurking around every corner, sheer excitement, and crashes galore!

The start of the race was delayed by a solid 45 minutes because heavy rain decided to crash the party. Alain Prost, the pole position champ, takes the lead like a boss.

But crashes start popping up faster than popcorn in a microwave. Rene Arnoux, Derek Warwick, and Patrick Tambay find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of bumper-to-bumper madness. It was like a demolition derby on steroids!

Nigel Mansell pulls off a daring move to snatch the lead from Prost. Just as Mansell is about to become the stuff of legends, disaster strikes at Casino Square. It’s a heartbreaker as Mansell’s car suffers severe damage, forcing him into an early retirement.

Meanwhile, Prost decides he’s had enough of the madness and starts waving his arms, signaling for the race to be red-flagged.

But amidst the mayhem, a rookie named Ayrton Senna, piloting an uncompetitive Toleman, starts the race in the not-so-impressive 13th position. Yet he maneuvers his way to an astonishing second place!

As the laps fly by like lightning, the red flag makes its grand appearance on lap 32, bringing the race to a halt. Only nine out of the twenty cars manage to cross the finish line, with one unfortunate soul disqualified for being a tad too lightweight.

But amidst the chaos and shortened race, Ayrton Senna leaves an indelible mark on Formula 1 history, proving his mettle in one of his most legendary performances.

1994 Australian Grand Prix

The 1994 Australian Grand Prix is a tale of sheer excitement and nail-biting championship showdowns.

It’s the final race of the season, and the tension is thicker than tire smoke in the air. Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill are locked in a fierce battle for the championship title. They’re so close, with just one point separating them, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

As the lights go out, Schumacher snatches the lead from Nigel Mansell in a heartbeat. But Damon Hill is not one to be left in the dust. He revs his engine and charges forward, determined to give Schumacher a run for his money.

Lap after lap, these racing legends dance around the circuit, engines roaring and tires screeching. On lap 36, the plot thickens like the finest motor oil. Schumacher, perhaps feeling the pressure, slips up at the East Terrace corner.

Sensing an opportunity, Hill seizes the moment and darts right behind Schumacher, ready to grab the championship title.

In a move that would make even the most seasoned stunt driver gasp, Schumacher defends his position by veering across Hill’s path.

Schumacher’s car, like a stubborn toddler refusing to cooperate, slams into the barrier, ending his race right then and there. Retirement at full speed, ladies and gentlemen.

Meanwhile, Hill, with his heart pounding like a bass drum, heads for the pits. But a broken suspension wishbone shatters his dreams of victory. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, as he is forced to retire from the race, leaving the championship crown for Schumacher to claim.

2011 Canadian Grand Prix

We’re diving into the wackiest race in Formula 1 history: the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix. Get ready for a rain-soaked rollercoaster of chaos, collisions, and a record setting safety car entering the track 6 times during the race.

Under the safety car’s watchful eye, the drivers tiptoed on a slippery track. But crashes soon stole the show, including a bang between McLaren teammates Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton had to retire, while Button dropped to 15th place. But hold on tight! Rain poured, tires changed, and the race was paused for hours. When it finally resumed, Button unleashed his inner beast, carving through the pack like a hot knife through butter!

And then, on the final lap, Sebastian Vettel, the leader, made a costly mistake. Button seized the moment, zipping past Vettel to claim victory in spectacular fashion!

Oh, did I mention Button made six pit stops and endured two collisions? Talk about a wild ride!

2012 Brazillian Grand Prix

When it comes to nail-biting, heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat races, the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix takes the checkered flag.

It’s the final race of the season, and Sebastian Vettel, the wunderkind behind the wheel of Red Bull, is defending a 13-point lead over the formidable Fernando Alonso. To snag the championship crown, Alonso needs to win the race, with Vettel finishing fifth or lower.

Rain threatens, but all start on slick tires. Vettel falters, dropping to seventh. Disaster strikes as he spins and collides with Senna, damaging his Red Bull. Meanwhile, Massa helps Alonso surge to third.

Rain pours, Vettel pits for intermediates, and the comeback begins.

Lap after lap, the tension builds as the race hurtles toward its thrilling conclusion.

And when you think the rollercoaster couldn’t get any wilder, Vettel crosses the finish line in sixth place with his battered and limping Red Bull. It’s a triumph against all odds.

Alonso, valiant in his pursuit, finishes second, falling just short of the championship glory he craved.

f1 race reviewFast Lane News

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🔴 Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur says Formula 1 should be open to changing the 2026 power unit regulations. – Read more

✋ Red Bull boss Christian Horner has rubbished Lewis Hamilton’s suggestion to legislate when teams can start work on their new cars to prevent periods of dominance. – Read more

☠️ George Russell warns of “extremely dangerous” consequences if protestors come on the track during British Grand Prix – Read more

⚫ Hamilton will probably stay with Mercedes beyond the end of the year. – Read more

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🔮 De Vries’ future remains shrouded in speculation. – Read more

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f1 race reviewTHE BRITISH GP

🇬🇧 Scheduled July 7th – July 9th

Silverstone Circuit, Great Britain


1️⃣ Circuit length: 5.891 km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 53
3️⃣ Lap record: 1:27.097 Max Verstappen (2020)
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 18 corners with 2 DRS zones

Fun Fact: It’s one of the oldest permanent tracks, with the first race held in 1950.

📅 Schedule


13:30 – 14:30 FP1
17:00 – 18:00 FP2

12:30 – 13:30 FP3
16:00 – 17:00 Qualifying

16:00 Race

🛞 Tire preview from Pirelli

🌟 This weekend, we have the C1 as the P Zero White (hard), C2 as the P Zero Yellow (medium), and C3 as the P Zero Red (soft). Silverstone has a reputation for putting those tires through some serious sweat-inducing stress, thanks to its high energy loads.

🏎️ This circuit is one of the most demanding tracks of the whole season, and it’s especially tough on the poor old front-left tire. It takes a beating through a whopping eight different corners!

🏎️💨 Silverstone boasts some of the highest average cornering speeds of the year. We’re talking flat-out, pedal-to-the-metal action at iconic corners like Maggotts, Becketts, and Chapel. And as if that’s not enough, the drivers get treated to lateral forces that can exceed a mind-boggling 5G.

🔄 Last year, the race saw a two-stopper strategy ruling the roost. All three tire compounds made an appearance, even on the starting grid.

🏆 When it comes to Silverstone’s all-time champions, we’ve got Ferrari flexing their tire supremacy with a whopping 15 wins. And on the driver’s side, we have Sir Lewis Hamilton, the king of Silverstone, with a jaw-dropping eight wins to his name.

f1 race reviewMEME OF THE DAY