F1 Drivers Reject 2024 Triple-Header Plan

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F1 drivers have voiced their concerns over the grueling triple-header set to start in Las Vegas in 2024. The demanding schedule, involving massive time shifts and extensive travel, is taking a toll on teams and drivers alike, with calls for a reevaluation of the calendar to better accommodate the wellbeing of those involved.

Between the lines:

  • The proposed 2024 F1 calendar includes a taxing triple-header starting in Las Vegas, followed by races in Qatar and Abu Dhabi.
  • Drivers like Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have publicly opposed the schedule, citing the physical and mental strain it imposes.
  • Suggestions include reorganizing the calendar to create an “American tour” and possibly concluding the season in Las Vegas instead of Abu Dhabi.
  • The logistics of back-to-back races in the US, such as Austin and Las Vegas, raise concerns about potential impacts on ticket sales.

Go deeper:

Last weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix highlighted the challenges F1 personnel face with such intense schedules. The event’s timing forced teams to endure long days and adjust to multiple time zones, pushing mechanics and team members to their limits. This experience has fueled the drivers’ pushback against next year’s proposed triple-header.

Daniel Ricciardo’s reaction to the 2024 schedule was one of disbelief, emphasizing the toll that six races have already taken on him this season. His concerns about the physical demands at the end of the season are echoed by fellow drivers, who are already feeling the effects of the current calendar’s rigor.

What? No way! That does not have my vote.

Max Verstappen, the recent Las Vegas race winner, suggests that the schedule could be improved by aligning the American races more closely, potentially easing the travel burden. However, he acknowledges the commercial complexities such as ticket sales that this might entail.

The idea of twinning races in the US is met with skepticism due to the potential for one event to overshadow the other in terms of ticket sales. Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, proposes that Las Vegas could serve as a more fitting season finale, considering the travel distances involved in reaching Abu Dhabi.

The drivers’ feedback is clear: the F1 calendar must consider the human element, balancing the excitement of global races with the physical capabilities of those who make the sport possible. As the F1 community continues to adapt to an ever-evolving racing landscape, the wellbeing of its participants remains a priority that the sport’s organizers will need to address. Keep an eye on this space as we follow the developments and reactions from the F1 world regarding the 2024 calendar.