Canadian GP: A Villeneuve Voyage Awaits!

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This week we’ll be dissecting the latest buzz around the paddock and setting our sights on the upcoming Canadian GP. Gear up for some juicy news analysis and sneak peeks into what’s to expect this weekend.

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  1. Pit Stop Talks– Latest in-depth news before the Canadian GP
  2. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve: We’ll drive you through its history and the myriad of layout changes it’s seen.
  3. Fast Lane News – The equivalent of your morning espresso shot – quick, strong, and enough to keep you in the loop. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your F1 news cravings while on the go.
  4. The Canada GP – Tyre information from Pirelli and what to expect in terms of strategyLet’s get going…


f1 race reviewPIT STOP TALKS

🟢 Aston Marin’s Upgrade Plans for the Canadian GP

The only driver older than Hamilton on the grid – Fernando Alonso – has also been vocal about his team’s situation in recent weeks, but more in the tone of trying to encourage Aston Martin after their extremely impressive start to this season.

Aston leapt from a midfield team to provide the most consistent threat to Red Bull in the opening races, but now see the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari threatening to move ahead of them once again.

That’s mainly based on the example of Spain, where Mercedes looked so strong and a Ferrari upgrade saw Carlos Sainz able to qualify second and finish fifth, still getting the better of both Aston Martins.

Ahead of that race, Alonso had said Aston needed to increase their rate of development in order to keep up with such strong rivals – an area the team are still trying to evolve themselves amid heavy investment – and in Canada there will be an upgrade that Team Principal Mike Krack describes as “a step” as they look to hit back after Spain.

✍🏻 Christian Horner says Red Bull was “very close” to signing Fernando Alonso multiple times.

“Halfway trough 2009 I had him approach to say ‘Could he join the team mid-season?’ because they thought he could win the championship in that car.”

The most serious offer was a contract for the 2008 and ’09 season, but Alonso would only commit to a one-year contract. – See interview

🔵 Red Bull’s head honcho Christian Horner admits the F1 cost cap restrictions make it harder to keep top talent.

Red Bull’s own tech whiz, Rob Marshall, got wooed by McLaren with an offer so hefty it probably soaked up half of their cap. No surprise there, Rob’s genius with batteries-in-gearboxes for the KERS cars was almost like fitting elephants into Mini Coopers! He’s been out of the mainstream F1 game for a bit, but with such an enticing offer from McLaren, he’s decided to put his helmet back on.

Red Bull bid adieu to Rob with a bit more affection than their usual spicy send-offs. Horner equated it to Manchester United’s evolution – some stars, like Eric Cantona, aren’t in the field forever. It’s not every day you lose a key player, but sometimes, you just gotta let them chase new challenges. Just hope they don’t score against you! – Read more

🎮 F1 23 is shifting gears and revving up for the launch on Xbox, Playstation and PC on the 16th of June.

This baby’s packed with more new features than a rookie driver’s got nerves. Visual and gameplay upgrades promise a shiny, souped-up experience, and our favorite story mode, Braking Point.

The new physics engine makes you feel like you’re wrestling with an actual F1 car, not a hunk of pixels. It’s more challenging, and frankly, a whole lot more fun. And the braking – oh boy, it’s more slippery than a pit lane in the rain.

Tire management is still at the heart of the gameplay, keeping your race strategy just as crucial as your driving skills. The immersive feel is only enhanced by the improved A.I. opponents who are as aggressive and realistic as a cranky Max Verstappen.

The game now lets you tailor the race length to your liking and the so-called “PrecisionDrive technology” makes controller handling as smooth as a fresh Pirelli.

Visually, F1 23 is gorgeous and impressive. A fresh user interface, vibrant coloring system, and stunning track details make this game as eye-catching as a neon safety car. And let’s not forget the awesome sound design that will have your eardrums humming like a V6 engine.

In short, F1 23 is as close as you’ll get to a Grand Prix weekend without buying a plane ticket. – Read more

🔴 Ferrari’s back in the Le Mans winner’s circle, proving they’re not just pretty faces in the F1 circus.

Before yesterday, the last 24 Hours of Le Mans was last won by Enzo Ferrari when he was 67 years old. Since then, 58 years have passed.

Competing in the Hyperclass category of the iconic 24-hour race, the Prancing Horse team, headed by former F1 hotshot Antonio Giovinazzi, Alessandro Pier Guidi, and James Calado, went straight to first place.

They hit the checkered flag after covering a whopping 2,895 miles, knocking the Toyota Gazoo team off their five-year throne. – Read more

❌ Reddit’s making changes faster than a pit crew, and r/Formula1 isn’t thrilled, turning their subreddit to “blackout” mode in protest.

Reddit’s new API tweaks have effectively thrown a wrench into 3rd party apps, and r/formula1 mods are driving the ‘unhappy’ bus. They’re waving the caution flag because these changes are a big deal for communities needing accessibility features.

Let’s be clear, folks, the Reddit app is as helpful for visually impaired users as sunglasses at night. 3rd party apps have been the saving grace, providing these users a seat at the discussion table, the joke fest, and the community get-together. But now, with Reddit pulling the plug, these users are left in the dust.

The burning question: Will Reddit make their app more accessible once the 3rd party support flatlines? The r/formula1 mods are as skeptical as a Ferrari fan at a Mercedes victory party. They’re committed to finding a fix and reopening their subreddit, but until then, it’s red lights only.

In the meantime, the mods are thankful for the pit crew of supporters rallying behind them, assuring that this isn’t a joyride – it’s about standing up for what’s right. – Read more

🔨 Pierre Gasly is leading the ‘Destructors Championship’!

The team crash in Australia between the Alpines produced damages estimated to cost over €1.6 million.

Gasly then hit some walls in Baku too. via – r/Formula1

🛞 Red Bull says the Pirelli’s new F1 tyres are as impactful as a feather on a race track – “modest” in their words.

The brand new rubber, born from Pirelli’s 2024 testing programme, was crafted to manage higher load levels due to the increased downforce on the beastly cars. Teams took these wheels for a spin for the first time on the Barcelona track, but surprisingly, didn’t compare them with the older tyres, leaving Pirelli with a data jigsaw puzzle.

As Red Bull’s technical ace cryptically puts it, “I won’t spill the beans as to what we’ve derived from it,” alluding to Silverstone as the true proving ground. Aston Martin also chimes in, saying they’re stockpiling data like doomsday preppers and hoping for a stronger performance at the British GP. – Read more

f1 race reviewCircuit Gilles Villeneuve

Ready for a joyride through time? Buckle up as we zoom into Canada’s F1 history! In 1978, local champ Gilles Villeneuve revved his way to a maiden victory at the inaugural Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, making it an instant hit.

Circuit History

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, located in Montréal, has a rich history tied to the development of the city and Formula One racing.

Originally named the Île Notre-Dame Circuit, it was built and finished in 1978, primarily to host the FIA Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.

Prior to its construction, the Canadian Grand Prix had been held at Mosport Park near Toronto and the Mont-Tremblant circuit in Quebec. However, due to safety concerns at Mosport Park during the 1977 event, it was decided to shift the race to this new circuit in Montréal.

The circuit was renamed in 1982 to honor Gilles Villeneuve, a prominent Canadian Formula One driver and father of Jacques Villeneuve, following his death earlier that year.

Oh boy, has this track seen some thrilling races! It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. But in 2009, it was as if someone ate all the chocolates – the race was dropped from the F1 calendar and replaced by the newbie Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Don’t worry, the story doesn’t end there! In 2009, Quebec’s officials did a cheeky U-turn and signed a fresh five-year contract, bringing the race back on track.

Fast forward to 2011, and we were treated to the longest World Championship Grand Prix ever, thanks to a rain delay that just wouldn’t quit.

The Track Layout

Say “Bonjour” to the notorious “Wall of Champions”, where even the kings of F1 aren’t immune to a good ol’ fashion wipeout.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, home to the Canadian Grand Prix, is as notorious as a coiled rattlesnake. That final chicane before the finish line has seen champs like Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher, and Jacques Villeneuve kiss goodbye to their races.

Over the years, the track’s gone from a chess player’s dream with its technical, medium-speed chicanes, to a street racer’s paradise, craving straight-line speed.

In the late ’80s, the pitlane and start-finish straight were moved. The ’90s brought even more changes with chicanes added and removed like indecisive decorations.

Pitlane safety was upped in 2002, making it safer for drivers. Then in 2005, the curbs on the final chicane were pumped up, making it more difficult for the drivers to see, which sparked a lot of controversy.

2017, though, was a game-changer. New F1 cars, new speeds, new safety requirements. Barriers were swapped, and turns tweaked.

The Senna ‘S’, the Pont de la Concorde corner, the Hairpin Curve – all faced the makeover music. And that infamous Wall of Champions got a facelift too, now greeting drivers with a cheery “Bonjour Québec”. A cautionary reminder: F1, folks, is not for the faint-hearted! – Source


f1 race reviewFast Lane News

🔴 Ferrari insists its change of sidepod concept in Formula 1 is not a knee-jerk reaction in simply copying the dominant Red Bull team. – Read more

🟠 Lando Norris has expressed excitement over the various changes taking place at McLaren as the famous team look to rebuild their F1 operations and return to winning ways in the future. – Read more

⚫️ The Mercedes Formula 1 team is expected to place an emphasis on upgrading its suspension for 2024 having been “given more freedom” by recent changes, according to Andrew Shovlin. – Read more

🪶 FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem is advocating for lighter cars in Formula 1, claiming that leaner machines would not only be safer but also more fuel efficient. – Read more

🔵 Red Bull believes it will take rivals until the Japanese Grand Prix to copy elements of their floor and that ‘ignorant copies’ of its floor design will not help Formula 1 rivals go any quicker. – Read more

🏌🏻 Netflix could be set to make its first foray into the world of live sports, as the streaming platform is reportedly in talks to secure the rights to a Las Vegas celebrity golf tournament starring several F1 drivers. – Read more

🔵 Williams chief James Vowles revealed some of his Formula 1 team’s facilities are “20 years out of date” as he undertakes a full rebuild of the underperforming squad. – Read more

⚪️ While Haas missed out on a points finish in Spain, team boss Guenther Steiner was pleased to see them make progress elsewhere, namely in the pit lane – admitting that the outfit “went backward” in this area “as with everything” during their recent lean spell. – Read more

f1 race reviewCANADIAN GP 2023

🇨🇦 This Weekend 16 – 18 JUN


1️⃣ Circuit length: 4.361 km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 70
3️⃣ Lap record: 1:13.078 Valteri Bottas (2019)
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 13 corners with 2 DRS zones

Tires preview from Pirelli

  • For the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix du Canada, the compounds chosen are C3 as P Zero White hard, C4 as P Zero Yellow medium, and C5 as P Zero Red soft.
  • The softer compound is usually seen only in qualifying, as was the case last year when just the medium and hard compounds were used in the race. The strategy preferred by most drivers was a two-stop strategy but some opted for a one-stopper with a very long initial stint on hard; especially those starting close to the back.
  • Based on last year’s data, the average time taken for a pitstop is 18.5 seconds, despite more than 400 metres of pitlane. Drivers coming into the pits cut through the last chicane and skip the first corner, with the pit exit already in Turn 2

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