🏎 Goodbye to Free Practice? Race week updates at the Aussie GP

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This weekend we’re off to the revamped Australian Grand Prix! Albert Park has been given a facelift that’s sure to make for faster and more competitive racing.

Let’s get to it. But before we do that let’s see The Honey Badger testing the Red Bull RB7 on an Australian road trip. 🤓

👀 Pit Lane Gossip

🟡 Stefano Domenicali was the talk in town in the past few days, due to controversial statements that he’s looking to get rid of free practice.


This isn’t the first time the Italian has taken aim at the first three sessions of a conventional F1 weekend. Just last year he proposed awarding points during practice, as the unrestricted running doesn’t have a “purpose” or contribute enough entertainment value.

Is this change about to happen?

Not as fast as a pitstop.

He’ll need to rally the support of all 10 F1 teams and secure the FIA’s approval before any such change can take place. So for now, practice isn’t going anywhere.🏁 –  Read more

😤 Racing legend Nelson Piquet’s wallet takes a hit after his mouth runs amok!
The Brazilian triple F1 champ must cough up a whopping $953,050 for racist and anti-gay comments against Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton.

Following a couple of incidents in 2021, including a racial slur and derogatory language, four human rights groups took legal action. The judge emphasized the punishment’s role in addressing racism and homophobia, hoping to steer society towards a more inclusive future. 🏎️💸🏳️‍🌈

In his decision, Judge Pedro Matos de Arrudo said the amount of compensation was given:


🔵 Helmut Marko puts the brakes on AlphaTauri sale rumors!
Despite management changes, poor performance, and questions about the future, Marko reassures fans that AlphaTauri is here to stay.

For 2020, Toro Rosso was given a freshen up and a new name: AlphaTauri as Red Bull wished to push their clothing brand.

This was also an opportunity for AlphaTauri to branch out from Red Bull and become more than just ‘the Red Bull junior team’ with standout moments in 2020 and 2021 coming from Pierre Gasly.

However, all is not well at AlphaTauri as the 2023 season gets into its stride.

While restructuring and relocation are considered, the focus is on cutting costs, attracting better talent, and improving results. So, hold onto your helmets, folks – the team might be due for a makeover, but it’s not going anywhere! – Read More


📰 Fast Lane News

👫 Buckle up for a gender-balanced ride.
Craig Pollock, ex-BAR honcho, is shifting gears with Formula Equal, the first F1 team boasting a 50-50 gender split across the board.

Set to hit the track in 2026, this groundbreaking venture aims to fuel female representation in the male-dominated motorsport scene. Pollock’s playing it coy about the financial backers, but rumor has it a Gulf state might just take the wheel. Additionally, having a mixed-gender motorsports team in Saudi Arabia would be significant considering the country barred Saudi women from driving until 2018.

So, rev your engines, ladies and gents, because Formula Equal is ready to burn rubber and break barriers! – Read more

🔴 Ferrari announces yet another set of updates that will be coming at Imola. 
In addition to a new bottom and revised rear suspension, we will also see the appearance of new design bellies, compatible with the aerodynamic philosophy of the red, but which will go in the direction of the best competition. – Read more


🟢 Aston Martin ‘100%’ considered asking Vettel to replace injured Stroll.

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has admitted that the squad were tempted to ask Sebastian Vettel if he would be willing to replace the injured Lance Stroll at the start of the 2023 season, but opted against doing so out of “high respect” for his recent retirement decision. – Read more

🤫 Details on a surprising new F1 team.

The FIA anticipates up to four new entrant applications under the Expressions of Interest process.

While Andretti is well-prepared, partnering with Cadillac and making moves with Alpine, the other hopefuls are a mixed bag. Panthera faces an uphill battle, HiTech is shrouded in mystery, and a Swiss project led by Craig Pollock is keeping everyone guessing. Buckle up, because Formula 1’s future might just get a lot more interesting! – Read more

📌 Adios, Barcelona? Hala Madrid!

The Spanish Grand Prix might be relocating from Barcelona to Madrid after 2026. Following talks with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, officials have revealed plans to construct a new race track in the Spanish capital. It’s an ambitious move that could put Madrid in the F1 spotlight. – Read more

⚫️ Mercedes playing catch-up?

Toto Wolff estimates the Silver Arrows are “six to 12 months” behind Red Bull in their quest to revamp their F1 car concept.

Despite embracing a zero sidepod approach with the W14, Mercedes soon realized a change was needed. Although an upgrade is set for May’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Wolff fears they could still be a year behind their rivals from Milton Keynes. – Read more

🔵 Gasly’s penalty points wipeout blocked by rival F1 teams.

Alpine’s attempt to clear Pierre Gasly’s penalty points was met with resistance from other F1 teams. Gasly is dangerously close to a race ban, sitting at 10 out of the dreaded 12-point mark.

While a new FIA rule change eliminates penalty points for procedural mistakes, rival teams didn’t welcome the idea of wiping Gasly’s existing points during a recent F1 Commission meeting. Unfortunately for Gasly, only a few teams supported the proposal. –  Read more

🔵 Viaplay Nederland has released a trailer for its new documentary focused on F1 championship leader Max Verstappen.

‘Max Verstappen: Anatomy of a Champion’ will be shown on Sunday, April 2 after the Australian Grand Prix. –  Read more

🚗 Porsche’s plans to move into Formula 1 have been formally put on ice, with the German manufacturer now focusing its racing activities on sportscars and Formula E. –  Read more

⛑ Valtteri Bottas’ specially-designed Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 helmet is to be auctioned off in support of Save the Children. – Read more

📅 The Australian Grand Prix

🇦🇺 This weekend 31 Mar – 02 Apr.


1️⃣ first held in 1985, but at Albert Park since 1996
2️⃣ 58 laps, 14 corners, 4 DRS zones
3️⃣ last year track was modified – it is faster now!
4️⃣ Melbourne will be in calendar to at least 2035

From historic Phillip Island to Albert Park, Aussie Grand Prix keeps shifting gears! The Australian Grand Prix, dating back to 1928, became part of the Formula One World Championship in 1985. Previously held in Adelaide, it moved to Melbourne’s Albert Park Circuit in 1996, where it’s remained except for the COVID-cancelled races in 2020 and 2021.

Adelaide’s circuit was popular among drivers, teams, and fans, but Melbourne made its mark as the first race of the season, hosting memorable debuts for drivers like Jacques Villeneuve, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso.

Austrian Grand Prix Winners

🔴 Ferrari track – 9 wins, including last year by Leclerc
🔴 Schumacher won 4 times, Vettel & Button – 3 times
⚫️ not a lucky track for Hamilton – 2 wins out of 8 pole positions!
🔵 also not lucky for RedBull – only 1 win here (2011 Vettel)

via @f1_charts


Albert Park’s speedy makeover

Melbourne’s Albert Park Grand Prix circuit is getting its biggest update since joining F1 in 1996, with changes aimed at boosting overtaking and encouraging nail-biting races.

Seven corners will be modified and two removed entirely, making lap times over five seconds faster and raising average speeds by around 15 km/h. The chicane at Turns 9 and 10 will be replaced by a sweeping right-hander, with an additional DRS zone.

The track will also widen at Turns 1, 3, 6, 13, and 15, while Turns 13 and 15 will have altered cambers for multiple racing lines. Expect Turn 6 speeds to rocket from 149 km/h to 219 km/h, and average qualifying lap times to drop from 1m 21.0s to 1m 15.8s.


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