Chaos In Las Vegas

Sphere Transforms F1 Las Vegas GP

Check out all the Las Vegas drama that happened during FP1 & FP2, and find out why it raises a lot of concerns.

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🚦 Free Practice Frenzy: Curious about the unusual delay in free practice? We’ve got all the details on what caused the hold-up and the following results.

🎰 Las Vegas GP Hiccups: Everyone’s eyes were on the Las Vegas GP weekend, but not everything went as planned. Discover what the F1 teams missed and why it’s making waves.

🌈 Sphere’s Color Rule: Seen ‘the sphere’ in F1? There’s a twist – not all colors are permitted. We delve into why this peculiar regulation is in place.

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Pit Stop Talks

FP1 & FP2 Highlights
🚩 Sainz ran over a loose water valve cover during FP1, causing a red flag.

🛑 The session was stopped to check all other covers.

🔧 FP2 was delayed to fix the issue and make sure the track is safe.

⏰ After a delay of 2 hours and 30 minutes, FP2 finally started.

🚫 Unfortunately, fans couldn’t enter the grandstands due to staffing and security concerns.

🏎️ Sainz received a 10-place grid penalty for replacing his power unit after the FP1 incident.

FP2 results:

1. Charles Leclerc
2. Carlos Sainz
3. Fernando Alonso

❓ Las Vegas F1 Chaos Raises Concerns

Las Vegas F1 Chaos Raises Concerns
Source: CNBC

Some pretty chaotic scenes in Las Vegas reminded us a lot about what happened in Indianapolis in 2005. The situation isn’t quite as bad yet, but it’s definitely heading in a worrying direction.

After an eventful and delayed practice session, the organizers didn’t even apologize to the fans who were kicked out of the stands at 1:30 AM, nor did they offer any refunds or say they’d look into what went wrong.

It’s not unusual for street races to have problems with drains and manhole covers, like what happened in Azerbaijan in 2019 and in Monaco. But in Las Vegas, the issue was with concrete frames around water valves being torn up by the cars.

Fernando Alonso narrowly missed a dislodged drain, but Carlos Sainz wasn’t so lucky and crashed his car.

The fans who stayed late got a raw deal too, especially those who paid a lot for their seats because the security staff had to leave at a certain time.

Frederic Vasseur was pretty upset about what happened to Sainz’s car.

The situation is that we damaged completely the monocoque, the engine, the battery and I think it’s just unacceptable. This will cost us a fortune. We f****d up the session for Carlos. You don’t have to mix everything. I think that the show is mega and I’m very happy with what Liberty did around the race. It’s a huge step forward for F1 but we have to separate what is the show and the sporting side. The show is mega. It is not because you are doing this that you don’t have to do the job on the sporting side and so on. I think it’s two separate things.

Frederic Vasseur

There’s a lot at stake with the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The race organizers did some tests, but maybe if they had used a real F1 car, they would have spotted the problem with the valve covers earlier.

We’re lucky this happened during practice and not the actual race. This event could be a huge setback for F1 in the US if handled poorly. – Read more

🌐 Sphere Transforms F1 Las Vegas GP

Sphere Transforms F1 Las Vegas GP

The Sphere is going to play a big role at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

First, they’ve decided to ban three colors – yellow, red, and blue – from being displayed on the Sphere while the races are happening. This is to make sure the drivers don’t get distracted, according to

F1 has rented the Sphere and the area around it for the Grand Prix weekend. This means the Irish rock band U2 had to take a break from their shows at this new venue. By the way, the Sphere, which cost $2.3 billion to build, is the world’s largest LED screen with super high-definition screens inside and out.

During the Grand Prix, F1 will use the Sphere to show off branding from various partners and feature all 20 drivers with their cars and helmets. They have some special moments planned, too, like highlighting the pole position after qualifying and a big celebration for the podium on Saturday night.

Emily Prazer, the Chief Commercial Officer for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, is excited about showing off the Sphere’s tech and creative potential during this top-notch sporting event.

Picture real-time pole positions, thrilling podium celebrations, and a dynamic showcase of all 20 drivers and their iconic cars displayed larger-than-life. We are excited to have Sphere at the heart of race weekend.

Emily Prazer, the Chief Commercial Officer

Read more

🕕 F1 Tackles Time Zone Turmoil

The challenges the F1 teams and drivers face with the brutal schedule of the Las Vegas GP, the time zone changes, and jet lag are really putting everyone to the test, especially as they prepare for a major shift in time for the upcoming Abu Dhabi race next weekend.

🌍 Drivers’ Strategies for Jet Lag:

  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull):
    • Finds the time zone switch to Abu Dhabi confusing and tiring
    • Adjusting to almost a Japanese time schedule
  • Nico Hulkenberg (Haas):
    • Acknowledges varying effects of jet lag on drivers
    • Emphasizes the need for adaptation
  • Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin):
    • At 42, the oldest driver, critical of the demanding schedule
    • Stresses the inevitability of adapting to the schedule

🔧 Team Efforts and Concerns:

  • Focus Beyond Drivers:
    • Importance of sleep patterns and management for the entire crew
    • Mechanic and strategist performance also crucial
  • Concern for Garage Crew:
    • Esteban Ocon worried about team members without extensive support
    • Emphasizes the importance of looking after each other in the team

In F1, where precision and performance matter so much, managing jet lag and fatigue is crucial for everyone involved. – Read more

🤔 Where F1 Went Wrong With Las Vegas?

💰 Overpriced Tickets:

  • Huge concern for locals and fans due to high costs
  • Tickets priced from $500 to $2,500, even $200 for practice sessions

🇺🇸 Misreading the U.S. Market:

  • F1’s strategy seems out of touch with American fans
  • Added expensive events, including Las Vegas, alienating many

🌆 Disrupting Local Life with Glitz:

  • F1’s flashy setup disrupts residents’ daily routines
  • Las Vegas Strip’s transformation is impressive but inconvenient

🚫 Lack of Community Engagement:

  • F1’s plans lack local involvement and understanding
  • Residents feel overlooked and disconnected from the event planning

Read more

🔥 Team Bosses Heat Up F1 Press Conference

In a recent Las Vegas press conference, F1 team bosses Fred Vasseur of Ferrari and Toto Wolff of Mercedes turned up the heat in what became an unexpectedly fiery event. The main cause? A failed water valve cover during FP1 causing significant damage to two cars, including Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari.

Between the lines:

  • Fred Vasseur’s Frustration: Vasseur expressed strong dissatisfaction with the damage to Sainz’s Ferrari, labeling the situation as “unacceptable.”
  • Safety vs. Showmanship: He hinted at a conflict between ensuring track safety and focusing on the event’s spectacle.
  • Toto Wolff’s Defence: Contrasting Vasseur, Wolff played down the incident, emphasizing the grandeur of the event and the efforts of the organizers.
  • A Call for Analysis: Despite his defensive stance, Wolff acknowledged the need for thorough examination to prevent similar incidents.

Go deeper:

The clash of opinions between Vasseur and Wolff underscores a deeper tension within F1: balancing the excitement and spectacle of the sport with the practical and safety concerns inherent in high-speed racing. Vasseur’s focus on the immediate implications of the incident for his team, and Wolff’s broader perspective on the sport’s growth and reputation, reflect the multifaceted challenges that F1 team principals face. This incident will likely spark further discussions on safety protocols and event management in F1​​.

And then you’re speaking about a f***ing drain cover that’s been undone that’s happened before, that’s nothing. It’s FP1.

Toto Wolf

Wolff also praised Liberty Media for their work in F1 and said we shouldn’t just complain about the drain cover and the broken car. – Read more

Tire Blankets in F1

What are Tire Blankets in F1?

Tire blankets are special electric blankets that heat up the tires before a race or qualifying session starts. The idea is to get the tires to just the right temperature for the best grip and performance immediately.

Tire blankets in F1
Source: Motorsport Week



Fast Lane News

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🔦 The Las Vegas Sphere has become a big attraction in the city, and it will be right there in the backdrop of this weekend’s Grand Prix. Could its bright lights distract the drivers? – Read more

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🤡 Max Verstappen described Las Vegas GP as a “99% show and only 1% sporting event.” He even said that during Wednesday night’s opening ceremony, the drivers seemed like they were dressed up as clowns. – Read more

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Lewis Hamilton is calling on Formula 1 to really look after the local community as the Las Vegas Grand Prix approaches. – Read more

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🇺🇸 Scheduled 16-18 November

Las Vegas Strip Circuit – Las Vegas, US

1️⃣ Circuit length: 6.201km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 50
3️⃣ Lap record: N/A – inaugural race
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 17 corners

Tire Selection:

⚪ Hard Tyre: P Zero White (C3)

🟡 Medium Tyre: P Zero Yellow (C4)

🔴 Soft Tyre: P Zero Red (C5)

👉 This is the softest tire selection available

🛣️ Track Design:

  • Over 30 designs considered before finalizing
  • Main features include an F1 logo-shaped pit building, pit lane, and paddock
  • Construction completed in just over a year

🏆 F1 History in Las Vegas:

  • Previous races in 1981 and 1982, both deciding championships
  • Known as the Caesars Palace Grand Prix
  • Winners: Alan Jones (1981), Michele Alboreto (1982)

🌐 The Sphere:

  • A 110-meter high structure with 1.2 million LED panels
  • Houses a 16K resolution screen (15,000 m²)
  • Cost: $2.3 billion
  • Inaugurated with a U2 concert in early November
  • Will feature a Pirelli P Zero Elect tire and Pirelli logo during the Grand Prix.


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