Perez’s F1 Seat Shaky?

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Dive into McLaren’s 2024 vision, Perez’s mental game, Ferrari’s floor edge, and F1’s social dip

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🔧 Gear Up for 2024: Some teams aren’t just racing for today. Dive in to see who’s already fine-tuning their upgrades in anticipation of the 2024 season.

🤔 Perez’s Slippery Slope: Red Bull’s own Sergio Perez is treading on thin ice. Given Red Bull’s history with their drivers, one has to wonder: is he racing on borrowed time?

👩 Women in the Fast Lane: It’s been quite a week for the ladies of F1! From Jessica Hawkins to Jamie Chadwick, find out why they’ve been making headlines.

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f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

🟠 McLaren’s Race Tweaks Signal 2024 Prep

McLaren’s been rolling out some impressive upgrades to their cars. They were testing the waters with their MCL60’s performance after adding some swanky upgrades in Singapore, resulting in Lando Norris clinching second place.

Here’s the cool part: in Singapore, only Norris got to try out the new aerodynamic tweaks. But in Japan, Oscar Piastri got them, too. This means both drivers had the same tricked-out cars.

These were the upgrades:

  • A tweaked floor edge with a long slit in front of the rear wheels.
  • Slimmer air inlets and better sidepod shaping.
  • Enhanced engine covers and front-wing endplates.
  • A new rear-wing endplate design focusing on aerodynamics.

This was a HUGE move by McLaren, especially considering we’re deep into the 2023 season. But it’s clear they’re not just thinking about now. They’ve got their eyes on the 2024 prize, using these upgrades as a stepping stone.

They’re now equipped with all these amazing tools (hello, new wind tunnel!) and have been super analytical in their approach. Sure, the MCL60 isn’t perfect, but it’s a rock-solid base for their 2024 dream machine.

Lastly, let’s dive a bit into the tech:

  • Sidepod inlets ➡️ Slimmer and more efficient.
  • Engine cover ➡️ Sleeker with a fresh tail wing.
  • Car floor ➡️It has a full-length slit to boss the airflow.
  • Rear-wing endplates ➡️Norris had a neat design in Singapore, and Piastri got it in Suzuka. – Read more

🔦 Perez in the spotlight

Perez in spotlights
Source: lanet F1


After a turbulent Japanese GP where Sergio Perez found himself in a storm of criticism and controversies, many are questioning the Red Bull driver’s future in Formula 1.

What We’re Hearing:

  • Sergio Perez sought help from a mental coach to address his declining confidence.
  • Despite improving briefly after the British Grand Prix, Perez’s struggles have resurfaced.
  • Bleekemolen speculates that unless Perez gets out of this mental slump, he could be ousted from Red Bull next season.

Go Deeper:

While seeking assistance from a mental coach seemed to help Perez for a while, recent collisions in Singapore and Japan indicate that the problems might be deeper than just a lack of confidence. With 223 points to Verstappen’s 400, Perez isn’t just facing mental roadblocks; he’s racing under a looming career guillotine.

When you are having such a hard time with your work, it is difficult to be cheerful at home with your wife and children. So I hired a mental coach because my family deserves to have that cheerful father at home. Together with my coach, I worked on becoming the best version of myself at home, but also as a driver.

Sergio Perez

In Bleekemolen’s eyes, Red Bull may already be eyeing new talent like Liam Lawson, if Perez continues his inconsistent form. The team’s history shows that they are not afraid to make abrupt changes when a driver is underperforming. As it stands, Perez might need more than just mental coaching to keep his place in Formula 1’s premier team.

Formula 1 is tough. If things continue like this, I don’t see him driving the entire season next year. That happens more often at Red Bull. If things don’t go well during a season, they say: ‘We’re going to change now.

Jeroen Bleekemolen, Dutch racing driver

Gear up for Qatar GP

Gear up for Qatar GP

Ready to make everyone green with envy in Aston Martin gear, or maybe channel some Scuderia charisma a la Carlos Sainz?

Whatever your allegiance, the F1 Store is your pit stop for authentic merchandise that covers you from front wing to rear spoiler.


📉F1 clears the air about their Social Media numbers

Formula 1 refutes a new report by Buzz Radar that claims the racing series is losing steam on social media.

F1’s own data reveals that its social media growth is actually booming in 2023, outpacing most other sporting leagues.

What did the report show?

What We’re Hearing

  • A report from Buzz Radar suggested that F1 saw a dip in social media growth between January and May of 2022 and 2023.
  • The report blames the decline on Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominant season, contrasting it with the 2021 season’s excitement.
  • F1 countered with its own data, claiming almost eight-fold growth on its official channels in 2023.

Go Deeper

While the Buzz Radar report clamed that F1’s social media growth has been waning, F1’s data sings a different tune. It reveals that the sport’s official channels saw a growth rate of 8 times more than Buzz Radar’s 3.7 million claim for 2023.

Further context shows the Buzz Radar report isn’t entirely doom and gloom for F1; it praises the series for the significant social media growth it has enjoyed since Liberty Media took over in 2017.

With more lenient social media policies, F1’s growth has been second only to top-tier leagues like UEFA Champions League and IPL in football and cricket, respectively.

The Big Picture

F1’s battle isn’t just on the racetrack; it’s also in the realm of public opinion and social media engagement. While Buzz Radar’s report painted a less rosy picture, F1’s own data suggests that the sport is far from hitting the brakes on its social media growth. Keep your eyes peeled, because this race is far from over.

⚫ New C4 Compound Debuts in the US

Pirelli just spilled the beans on their tire choices for the US, Mexico, and Brazil races happening back-to-back from October 20th to November 5th.

They’re planning something cool: Pirelli’s testing their new 2024 C4 tire compound at the Mexico GP. Teams will get two sets of this new tire to play with during practice.

What We Are Hearing:

🇲🇽 Mexico: Going softer!

⚪C3 as Hard
🟡C4 as Medium
🔴C5 as Soft

🇺🇸 US & 🇧🇷 Brazil (including Sprint races):

⚪C2 as Hard
🟡C3 as Medium
🔴C4 as Soft

🛞 Fun Fact: Out of the six tyre compounds Pirelli has this year, they’ve not used the softest, C0, in any race. – Read more

💥 Ferrari’s Game-Changing Floor

Ferrari’s introduction of a new floor in Japan has given them a significant performance edge over Mercedes.

Aimed at enhancing the airflow and reducing losses, these changes are part of Ferrari’s strategic push to finish as the runner-up in this season’s Formula 1 championship.

Ferrari's Game-Changing Floor

Between the Lines:

  • The new floor assembly starts with slight modifications to the fences to improve localized flow.
  • Changes have also been made to the floor’s edge and diffuser’s sidewall, designed to benefit the overall aerodynamics.
  • Red Bull and Mercedes also made updates, but Ferrari’s alterations have had a more noticeable impact on their performance.

Read more

💥 Sargeant’s Damages Take Lead

Almost 75% of the 2023 F1 season is done, and many crashes have occurred. Wondering which drivers have dented their teams’ pockets the most with crash damage?

Sargeant’s leading that list! Crashing nowadays is even more of a headache for teams, especially with the budget cap.

Check out the top 10 crash-prone drivers this season. Just a heads up, it only covers parts, not engines or gearboxes, and the costs are estimates.

Sargeant's Damages Take Lead
Source:Racing News 365

✋ Female F1 Debut on Hold
 Female F1 Debut on Hold


Jamie Chadwick almost made it to F1 with Rodin. If the FIA had approved Rodin’s application, Jamie would’ve been one of the first women racing in F1 in recent memory.

What We Are Hearing:

  • Andretti Global likely to be the only approved new team.
  • David Dicker, head of Rodin, confirmed their rejection.
  • Rodin planned to build cars in New Zealand.
  • They were committed to having a female driver, with Jamie Chadwick as a top choice.
  • Chadwick had impressive runs in tests with Rodin’s cars in New Zealand.
  • Rodin’s ownership of Carlin could lead to Ferrari talks.

Go Deeper

Rodin’s whole New Zealand setup is a big twist. Most F1 teams are in Europe, especially the UK. Even Andretti, aiming for that 11th spot, wants a foot in both Europe and the USA. Rodin’s got two choices: either split their base like Andretti or move the whole operation to Europe.

Why is Andretti likely to make it? Flexibility. With backup from big names like Cadillac and GM (who know their racing stuff), they’re willing to adjust.

They realize that it’s tough to run everything from the US since the F1 world revolves around Europe. Both Rodin and Andretti have a decision: set up shop at home or head to where the F1 action is, in Europe. – Read more

🍯 🦡 Who is Racing in Mexico?

Daniel Ricciardo’s comeback has been postponed. He hurt his left hand during a crash at the Dutch Grand Prix. Basically, he tried to dodge another crashed car, ended up hitting the barrier, and, because of the suddenness of it all, couldn’t take his hand off the wheel in time.

The good news is, there’s no rush for him to return. AlphaTauri wants him fully recovered before he’s back.

I think the final decision is more than likely going to come from him rather than from us. He will know better than anyone how to assess the pain, the recovery. But we’re not putting him under pressure to come back. We’ve got a pool of three good drivers at the moment. There’s no big rush.

AlphaTauri’s trackside engineer, Jonathan Eddolls

Speaking of stand-ins, since Ricciardo’s been out, Liam Lawson’s been taking his spot. Liam’s been killing it, making it to Q3 and finishing with points at the Singapore GP. He’s set to race in Qatar and maybe even the US Grand Prix.

But he won’t be in Mexico, as it clashes with the Super Formula season finale, a championship he could still win. Will Ricciardo aim for a return at the Mexican GP, or will we see a fifth AlphaTauri driver this season? – Read more

🚨 Related: Ricciardo set for simulator run ‘next week’ to gauge recovery – Read more

f1 race reviewLift and Coast in F1

What is lift and coast in F1?

Imagine you’re driving your regular car on the highway, and you see your exit coming up. Instead of hitting the brakes at the last moment, you ease off the accelerator a bit earlier and let the car naturally slow down. That, in its essence, is “lift and coast.”

In F1 terms, “lift” refers to lifting off the accelerator pedal, and “coast” is about letting the car roll without fully accelerating or braking. In short, drivers momentarily stop pushing the pedal to the metal and allow the car to coast for a bit before they reach a corner.

Lift and Coast in F1



f1 race reviewFast Lane News

👩 Jessica Hawkins just became the first woman to test an F1 car for Aston Martin since 2018. – Read more

🏎️ De Vries is back racing after a challenging time with AlphaTauri in F1. – Read more

🎥 A documentary about Villenueve Pironi just outshined big Hollywood hits and snagged the top award. – Read more

⚙️ Honda in F1: Achievements with Red Bull and McLaren, and Future Plans with Aston Martin. – Read more

⚫ Mercedes believes Qatar will change the sprint trend. – Read more

🔵 Liam Lawson warned about a potential full-time F1 drive. – Read more

🟢 The Aston Martin F1 team reported a $53m loss in 2022, up by $9m from the previous year. – Read more

🔵 Top F1 designer Adrian Newey wished he had worked with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and considered moving to Ferrari. – Read more

📺 Apple is reportedly planning a huge $2 billion a year bid to broadcast Formula 1 on AppleTV+ and is also working on an F1-themed movie with Brad Pitt. – Read more

🤝 Alpine reveal talks with Mick Schumacher over potential endurance racing programme – Read more

f1 race reviewTHE 2023 QATAR GP

🇶🇦 Scheduled 6-8 October

Lusail International Circuit

1️⃣ Circuit length: 5.418km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 57
3️⃣ Lap record: /
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 16 corners with 1 DRS zone


F1’s Return to Qatar:

🛠️ Major makeover since its 2021 debut.
📅 Had a break in 2022 due to the football World Cup.
📜 New 10-year deal to race in Qatar!

Upgrades & Additions:

🏟️ Grandstands: Now fit 40,000 fans (big jump from the original 8,000)!
🌄 New spot: ‘Lusail Hill’ at Turn 1 for an epic view.
🎟️ Total circuit capacity: 52,000 fans.

VIP and More:

🌟 New five-star VIP zones.
🚶‍♂️ Some offer pit-lane walks.
🗣️ Chat opportunities with F1 drivers.
🎉 Expanded fan zone.
📦 Record 50 pit boxes.

Fan Experience Boost:

🖥️ 85 viewing screens around the circuit.
🌳 Added 180,000 sq. meters of green spaces.

f1 race reviewMEME OF THE DAY

Meme of the day - Perez's F1 Seat Shaky?
Source: F1 Troll