Susie Wolff Vs. FIA

Buckle up for legal battles, talent heists, and drama aplenty as F1’s latest edition hits the track

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🔥 Legal Face-off: Susie Wolf is bringing the heat with a lawsuit against the FIA! Get ready for some courtroom drama.

🏎️ Talent Theft: Mercedes strikes again, pinching talent from Ferrari faster than you can say “pit stop”!

🤯 Verstappen Speaks Out: Red Bull drama has been hotter than a fresh set of Pirellis lately, and Max Verstappen’s got something to say about it. Will his words shift gears or just add fuel to the fire?

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  4. Australian GP
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f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

🦘 Australian Grand Prix Insights

Why Downforce Matters:

✅ Fast corners and braking points require downforce

✅ Ensures stability and grip through turns

Challenges on Straights:

❌ Frequent but short-ish straights

❌ Unable to optimize maximum load due to short straight lengths

Team Wing Load Levels:

  • ⚫️ Mercedes, 🟣 Alpine, 🔵 RacingBulls: These teams opt for the least loaded configuration to prioritize top speed over grip, suitable for the track layout.
  • 🔵 Red Bull Racing, 🟢 Aston Martin, 🟠 McLaren, 🔵 Williams: Conversely, these teams choose the most loaded configurations to enhance grip and cornering performance, reflecting their strategy for the race.


🥊 Susie Wolff vs. FIA

Susie Wolff, the powerhouse behind the all-female series, the F1 Academy, isn’t taking any nonsense from Formula One’s governing body, the FIA. Here’s the scoop on her recent legal showdown:

Between the Lines:

  • Last year, the FIA launched a probe against Susie and her husband, Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, based on allegations of confidential info leaks between team members and Formula One Management (FOM) folks.
  • Despite both parties vehemently denying the claims, the FIA decided to stick their noses into it.
  • Within 48 hours, the FIA backtracked, realizing they had zilch to pin on Susie and Toto. Cue the collective sigh of relief from the Wolff household.
  • But the damage was done. Susie wasn’t about to let them off easy, declaring war against the FIA on social media.

Go Deeper:

Susie didn’t just stop at tweets. She took matters to the next level by filing a criminal complaint in French courts on March 4th. Her message was clear: she’s not one to stay silent in the face of injustice. The FIA’s got some explaining to do!

After the FIA’s fiasco, the rest of the F1 gang rallied behind Susie, with all nine teams backing her and the F1 Academy. The FIA’s credibility took a major hit, especially because it failed to justify its actions and relied on shaky media reports. – Read more

⚫ Mercedes Steals Talent from Ferrari

Mercedes snatches two key Ferrari staff members to beef up their Formula 1 squad.

Meet the New Recruits:

  • Simone Resta: Former Ferrari chief designer, now hired as Strategic Development Director at Mercedes.
  • Enrico Sampo: Ferrari’s ex-Driver Simulator Team Leader, now appointed as Head of Performance Software Applications at Mercedes.

Why It Matters:

  • Resta and Sampo bring a wealth of experience to Mercedes, promising to rev up their car-related projects and boost performance software applications.
  • These signings are like picking the best players for your dream F1 team, but with contracts that require them to wait until 2025 to leave.
  • Team principal Toto Wolff and technical director James Allison are locking in for the long haul with contract extensions.
  • David Nelson joins as senior vehicle dynamicist, replacing outgoing performance director Loic Serra who’s off to Ferrari.

Ferrari’s Loss, Mercedes’s Gain:

  • Ferrari’s eyeing Mercedes talent too, with Lewis Hamilton on their radar for 2025 and Mercedes’ Jerome D’Ambrosio set to lead their young driver development program.
  • Simone Resta’s move is a big deal because he has a history with F1 and Ferrari, making him a prized catch for Mercedes.

Go Deeper:

Resta’s career has been a rollercoaster, from Ferrari’s chief designer to a stint at Haas, and now back to the big leagues with Mercedes. His sudden departure from Haas left tongues wagging, but now it seems like the allure of Mercedes might have been the game-changer. – Read more

🚨 Why Pirelli’s New F1 Tire Plan Matters

Source: Road & Track

Formula 1 is all about speed, precision, and strategy. Every aspect of the car, including the tires, plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of races. Pirelli, the official tire supplier for F1, is gearing up to tackle a significant issue that has been affecting the racing experience: overheating tires.

The Problem with Overheating Tyres

As F1 teams embrace new regulations aimed at enhancing ground effects, they’re finding ways to boost downforce and manipulate airflow around their cars for better performance.

However, these advancements have the side effect of making it tougher for drivers to follow each other closely. When cars are trailing in a rival’s turbulent air, tires tend to overheat quickly.

This overheating issue affects tire performance and makes overtaking more challenging, leading to a spread-out field during races.

Pirelli’s Approach to Solving the Issue

Pirelli has been conducting thorough analyses and tests to identify the root cause of tire overheating and develop effective solutions.

  • New Construction: Pirelli develops robust tire construction to reduce overheating by enhancing integrity and using innovative materials.
  • Compound Testing: Pirelli explores new tire compounds alongside construction changes to ensure consistent performance and effective temperature management.
  • Team Collaboration: Pirelli works closely with F1 teams, gathering insights to understand how design and aerodynamics impact tire performance, ensuring less sensitivity to overheating.

While Pirelli is making strides in developing solutions for overheating tires, their work doesn’t stop there. Continuous analysis and testing are ongoing to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that F1 races remain competitive and thrilling for fans worldwide. – Read more

🆓 FIA President Cleared of Alleged Interference in Las Vegas Grand Prix

Source: BBC

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been cleared of any wrongdoing following an investigation into his alleged interference in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Between the lines:

  • Ben Sulayem was under scrutiny for allegedly attempting to reverse a penalty given to Fernando Alonso during last season’s race. Additionally, there were claims of interference in the track homologation process before the event.
  • The matter was escalated to the FIA’s Ethics Committee, triggering a thorough investigation.
  • Over the course of a month, interviews were conducted with nearly a dozen witnesses to examine the allegations.
  • The Ethics Committee unanimously determined that there was insufficient evidence to support the claims against Ben Sulayem.

The FIA Compliance Department, supported by external advisors, conducted extensive inquiries into the allegations. The committee concluded that there was no evidence of interference by Mohammed Ben Sulayem in any sporting decisions related to Formula One events in 2023.

The FIA President was cleared of any wrongdoing regarding allegations (i) to have interfered with the Stewards’ decision to reverse an additional penalty on Car 14 following a challenge from the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023 and (ii) to have attempted to interfere with the track certification process for the Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023. The certification was completed and approved in due time.


Read more

💬 Ricciardo on Red Bull Rumors

Source: Planet F1

Daniel Ricciardo shut down chatter about a possible return to Red Bull in 2025, keeping his focus firmly on the race.

Between the Lines

  • Ricciardo’s back with AlphaTauri, now rebranded as RB, and he’s all about the present, not some distant future move.
  • Despite his past success with Red Bull, he’s not biting on rumors about a comeback. He’s more interested in pushing his current team up the grid.
  • With over 250 Grand Prix starts under his belt, Ricciardo’s learned to tune out the noise and focus on what matters: racing.

“My objective is to drive this car as good as I can. Now, getting back into a car, I’m definitely not looking too far ahead. Am I thinking about the Red Bull seat that you speak of? No. I know if I do some really good results maybe then that can present itself potentially.

Daniel Ricciardo

Read more

✋ Verstappen Sets the Record Straight

Source: Motorsport

Max Verstappen faces the heat as rumors swirl about his future with Red Bull, but he’s not hitting the brakes just yet.

Between the lines:

  • Recent whispers suggest Verstappen might be eyeing the exit ramp at Red Bull sooner than expected due to team tensions.
  • Max isn’t buying into the gossip. He’s locked in with Red Bull until 2028 and plans to stick to the script.
  • Despite outside noise, he’s focused on keeping the team’s key players and performance on track.
  • Max is all about performance, not politics. He avoids distractions and stays focused on what he does best: racing.
  • Even with the circus surrounding him, he’s flipping the switch from F1 to downtime with ease, proving he’s got the mental horsepower to handle the pressure.

I don’t really think about F1 too much anyway when I leave the paddock. I know what I have to do, but I also know with so many races in the year, it’s very important to also just come home and think about other stuff and be busy, and working on other projects of mine that I have a lot of passion for. For me, it works like that. Every driver is a little bit different but for me, so far, with all the things that have been going on, it’s very easy to jump back in the car and perform.

Max Verstappen

Read more

f1 race reviewF1 Car Cost: Unveiling the Price of Speed and Innovation

Delving into Formula 1, the pinnacle of automotive engineering and speed, reveals the sheer complexity and expense involved in crafting these high-performance machines.

Each component of an F1 car is a marvel of technology and design, from the aerodynamically sculpted chassis to the intricate power units that thunder down the racetrack. The cost of an F1 car is staggering, reflecting the extensive research, cutting-edge materials, and labor required to assemble a single F1 vehicle.

Teams invest substantially to stay competitive, adhering to stringent regulations while pushing the envelope of innovation. The annual budget cap introduced to maintain a level playing field does not include expenditures like driver salaries, marketing, and the costliest elements of their operations.

With F1 regulations constantly evolving, teams must continuously invest in research and development, adapt their cars for performance gains, and ensure compliance with the latest safety and performance standards. Meanwhile, the need for regular maintenance and replacement parts during the season further contributes to the high running costs.

Key Takeaways

  • F1 cars exemplify advanced engineering and are costly to develop and build.
  • Team budgets are significant, managing production, performance, and compliance costs.
  • Regulations influence expenditures and strategies in pursuit of technological advantages.

Read The Guide

f1 race reviewFast Lane News

👨‍⚖️ Could Nikita Mazepin be back? He managed to reverse the European Union’s sanctions against him following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. – Read more

💥 It’s been eight years since Fernando Alonso had a terrifying crash at the 2016 Australian Grand Prix. He’s lucky to be alive. – Read more

📺 Sebastian Vettel recently shared that he’s not a big fan of Netflix’s Drive to Survive. He admitted finding the F1 docuseries “a bit weird” when he watched one of the early episodes.- Read more

🛑 Lewis Hamilton is urging for a ceasefire in the Palestine-Israel conflict to protect people, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. – Read more

🏆 Verstappen is set to match his own F1 record for most consecutive wins, which he achieved just last season. – Read more

❤️‍🩹Carlos Sainz has shared an update on his recovery before the Australian Grand Prix weekend. The Spaniard is gearing up to return to the Ferrari cockpit for the first time since his surgery for appendicitis. – Read more

🎤 The female Red Bull Racing employee who accused Christian Horner of misconduct has confirmed her appeal and FIA complaint. She has also hired a new PR firm to represent her stance. – Read more

⚠️Hulkenberg is cautioning Bearman about his future in Formula 1. While Bearman impressed in his debut in Saudi Arabia, Hulkenberg warns that performing well in Formula 2 adds extra pressure to secure an F1 seat. – Read more

🔥 Valtteri Bottas has set the internet on fire with a viral Australian Grand Prix advert. – Read more

💭 Former Haas team principal Guenther Steiner fears Mick Schumacher may never return to F1 if he misses out on opportunities in the 2024 driver market. Schumacher, son of Michael Schumacher, spent two seasons at Haas before being dropped in 2022 after struggling alongside teammate Kevin Magnussen. – Read more

f1 race reviewAustralian GP

Source: F1

Guess what’s making its debut at the Australian Grand Prix? It’s Pirelli’s softest tire compound, the C5! Yep, the squishiest of them all is hitting the track for the first time this season at round three in Melbourne.

⚫ Tires

  • This year’s tire lineup is softer than last year’s.
  • We’ve got the C4 (used in Jeddah), the C3 (a regular at most races), and now the C5 strutting its stuff in Australia.
  • C5 isn’t new to Melbourne. It made a cameo in 2022, paired with C3 and C2, leaving the C4 out in the cold.

📈 Analyzing Last Year’s Race:

  • Last year’s Aussie GP was all about the C2 tire. Ten drivers hugged it for 47 out of 58 laps!
  • The race was stop-start like a confused traffic light: three safety cars, three red flags, and two grid restarts.

🗨️ Track Talk:

  • Albert Park: 14 corners of fun (recently redesigned for extra flow). Overtaking’s a challenge, but not Mission Impossible.
  • Historically, one-stop strategies ruled the roost, but with softer tires this year, who knows?

❓ What’s the Deal with the C5?

  • It’s the softest of the soft, but also the least used so far this season.
  • Only Lewis Hamilton dared to take it for a spin during pre-season testing in Bahrain. Others just gave it a quick ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye.’
  • Teams like Ferrari and Stake F1 were brave enough to test it on a track that’s as gentle on tires as a catwalk in stilettos.

⏪ Flashback: Aussie GP Through the Years:

  • Formula 1 landed in Australia in ’85.
  • Adelaide hosted until ’95, when Melbourne stole the spotlight.
  • Schumacher’s the king with four wins, all in Melbourne with Ferrari.
  • McLaren’s got the pole position record, but Hamilton’s the pole prince.
  • Ferrari and McLaren share the podium spotlight, but Hamilton’s the real podium hog.
  • Red Bull has two wins under its belt, including last year’s victory lap with Max Verstappen.

So, grab your popcorn and get ready for some tire-squealing action down under! 🍿🏎️💨


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