AlphaTauri’s Bold Changes

Schumacher's '94 victory under the spotlight
Big changes for the Singapore GP and AlphaTauri. Schumacher’s title is slipping?

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🔧 Marina Bay Shakes Things Up: Marina Bay has made some tweaks that could really spice things up at the Singapore Grand Prix. What does this mean for our racers? Well, word on the street is that these changes might give Verstappen a run for his money.

🚀 AlphaTauri Gears Up: The buzz is REAL! AlphaTauri is heading into the next race with some significant upgrades. We’ve all noticed how Liam Lawson seems to be outpacing his predecessors—even though he hasn’t put a point on the board yet. If these upgrades are as big as we hear, Lawson might just surprise us all.

👑 Schumacher & Hamilton: A Title Twist?: Could we see Schumacher join the Hamilton drama in possibly missing out on a championship title? We never thought we’d say this, but it’s 2023, and here we are.

As always, in the world of F1, expect the unexpected! See you on the grid!

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f1 race reviewPit Stop Talks

📈Championship standings

🏆 Top three have remained unchanged throughout the season

🔵Lawson surpassed two fellow AlphaTauri drivers, Ricciardo & DeVries

🔴Bottas dropped significantly

Lawson surpassed two fellow AlphaTauri drivers, Ricciardo & DeVries
Source: @FDataAnalysis
📊Teammate point battle

⭐AlphaTauri and Williams are relying on just one star player

⚖️Ferrari and Alpine seem super balanced.

🧮Verstappen and Hamilton’s percentages are pretty neck and neck.

Verstappen and Hamilton’s percentages are pretty neck and neck.
Source: @FDataAnalysis
🔀Overtaking boost with Singapore’s track changes?

Despite changes to the Marina Bay track, it’s still going to have that high-downforce vibe. However, these changes will definitely shake things up a bit.

What’s changed? Due to some construction, they’ve ditched four nearly 90-degree corners near the end of the lap. Instead, cars will now zoom down a new 397.9m straight before hitting the last section.

Why does it matter? Faster lap times, for one. Plus, it’ll be easier on the brakes and tires. Tom McCullough from Aston Martin points out that tires, especially the rears, used to get super hot on the old layout. But now, they’ll cool down a bit and last longer.

Esteban Ocon believes that the new Turn 16 could be a game-changer.

Hopefully [it will help] overtaking, which was impossible before. I’m pretty sure we’re going to be able to get closer behind, and that’s going to change a lot of things.

Esteban Ocon

On a side note: with the quicker laps, teams will have their hands full making strategy calls, especially during safety car situations, which happen a lot in Singapore. – Read more

👀Big changes for AlphaTauri in Singapore

Watch out for AlphaTauri this weekend in Singapore—they’re getting a major upgrade! This upgrade is inspired by the Red Bull RB19, which has been the standout car in 2024.

A bit of a flashback: when the new regulations started in 2022, every team tried their own approach to car design. However, it’s now clear that Red Bull’s direction with the RB19 was a winner. Most teams couldn’t keep up.

Big changes for AlphaTauri in Singapore
Source: Scuderia Alpha Tauri

Many teams now realize that just making small tweaks here and there won’t do much for them. They’re now aiming to emulate the successful RB19 design.

AlphaTauri hasn’t had the best of years. They’re currently at the bottom of the championship with just three points. But this upcoming upgrade might be a game-changer for them.

I mean, this year, we’ve seen some amazing changes in the results scheme, when suddenly Aston Martin popped up, and then suddenly McLaren popped up, but I think that’s really down to the fact that they all understood that what Red Bull Racing did in terms of design philosophy is the right one with this new downforce element which everybody is following. We actually have a big upgrade coming for Singapore, which will follow the same philosophy so everybody’s closing in on that and then I think next year will be extremely close.

Peter Bayer

Franz Tost, their team principal, will be stepping down. Laurent Mekies and CEO Peter Bayer will be taking the lead. – Read more

📝Liberty Media expects an easy Concorde update

Greg Maffei, the CEO of Liberty Media, believes the upcoming discussions about the Concorde Agreement will be smooth.

Liberty Media expects an easy Concorde update
Source: The Wall Street Journal

This agreement is essentially a contract between the F1 teams, the FIA, and the Formula One Group. It lays out the rules for how the teams race, how TV revenue is distributed, and the prize money. The current agreement, in place since 2021, is set to expire in 2025.

Teams have been discussing what they’d like to see in the new agreement. One big talking point is the anti-dilution fund. This is an entry fee for new F1 teams, which then gets shared among the existing teams. With F1’s rising popularity and the current $200 million entry fee, there’s a debate on whether this fee is fair.

Maffei is confident that the new deal will be a lot like the current one.

I don’t anticipate a major change in how that works. There will probably be something along the same lines, and we’ll have an incentive to grow the business. They [the teams] have grown EBITDA dramatically. We’ve just because of the success and believing in the product and believing in ourselves been able to grow it faster, and I expect that it’s going to be a similar construct in any kind of Concorde extension.

Greg Maffei
🔧How many power units have F1 drivers used?

With just eight races left in the 2023 Formula 1 season, drivers are nearing their power unit limits. And this year, there’s a twist: The F1 Commission increased the allowed number of certain power unit elements per driver after some incidents early in the season.

Remember when Charles Leclerc took a 10-spot grid hit at the Saudi Arabia GP for using an extra Control Electronics unit?

That’s why the F1 bosses agreed at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to bump up the number of allowed Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), Turbo Chargers, MGU-Hs, and MGU-Ks from three to four for each driver.

Between the lines:

  • Sergio Perez is leading the pack in using his Energy Store and Control Electronics.
  • Some drivers, like Lando Norris, faced early engine problems. Norris had a pesky pneumatics issue in Bahrain.
  • Haas is wrestling with some reliability issues as only Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg have needed a fifth ICE, Turbo Charger, MGU-H, and MGU-K
  • Liam Lawson and Daniel Ricciardo are going to use the power units Nyck de Vries ran in his ten races at the start of the season for AlphaTauri.

Check out the full scoop here

🔦Schumacher’s ’94 victory under the spotlight

Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 championship is still in hot water because of Felipe Massa. Now, there’s talk about stripping Michael Schumacher of his first F1 title, too.

Schumacher's '94 victory under the spotlight
Source: Sportstar

Well, Schumacher’s first win in 1994 at the Australian Grand Prix had its drama too. He bumped into Damon Hill, and they both had to bow out. But with neither of them earning any more points, Schumacher won the title by a single point.

Schumacher is undoubtedly an F1 legend. After that, he went on to win six more titles. But like all great stories, his career had its controversies. Think about that 1997 collision or that 2006 qualifying mess-up.

Recently, famed journalist Roger Benoit dished some shade. In an interview, he said he only counts Schumacher as a six-time champion because of that ’94 drama with Hill. – Read more

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f1 race reviewTHE SINGAPORE GP

🇸🇬 Scheduled 15-17 September

Marina Bay Circuit


1️⃣ Circuit length: TBC
2️⃣ Number of laps: 63 (TBC)
3️⃣ Lap record: N/A because the track was overhauled
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 19 corners with 3 DRS zones

⛈️Singapore Grand Prix Weather Update


Possible light rain during the first practice (10% chance), but the second should be dry. With temps above 30°C, any rain won’t stay long.


There is a 10% rain chance for the third practice.

Some early thunderstorms are possible, but the track should dry in time for the night race.


It’s going to be hot at 31°C with a 45% chance of pre-race thunderstorms and a 22% rain chance during the race.

Source: wtf1official