From Monaco to the Barcelona GP – Vamos!

Monaco, as usual, was pretty high dopamine during qualifying and just when everyone though the race was going to stay boring, with only three overtakes (and all on the same driver – sorry Logan S.), rain came and it all turned into chaos.

Today we’re getting you up to speed with the latest happenings at the Monaco GP and we’re making sure you’ve got everything you need for the next weekend in Spain.

In today’s email:

  1. Speedy Race Review – Detailed charts and analysis of the Monaco GP
  2. Fast Lane News – Short news to get you up to speed with the latest F1 updates
  3. The Spanish GP – Weekend schedule, track details and more details about the venueLet’s get going…

f1 race reviewSpeedy Race Review

🔵 Rivals finally have a scoop at Red Bull’s floor, after Sergio Perez crashed and gave them all a scoop.

But Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko says that even with a sneak peek at their design, he’s doubtful the rivals could replicate their success. It’s not just about the floor, folks! It’s an all-singing, all-dancing act, with front wing, diffuser, and a pinch of Milton Keynes magic.

And Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, cheekily pointed out the spy games at play in the paddock. “It’s very rude to look up people’s skirts really,” he joked. He reckons the floor’s already been papped enough times to feature in the F1 version of Vogue!

So, F1 teams, the secret’s out – well, some of it anyway. Copying homework won’t get you an A+. Time to hit the books, or in this case, the wind tunnels! – Read more

🏎 Visualized comparison between Alonso & Verstappen in Q3. Amazing lap from both of them but Pole Position only has room for one.

📈 Dry vs Wet race page analysis from Formula Data Analysis.

  • Alpine quick in the dry and decent in the wet: OCO went from 3rd to 6th fastest, GAS from 7th to 10th
  • The McLs improved massively in the rain: from 11th and 12th fastest to 8th and 9th
  • Ferrari was quick in both conditions: ruined by strategy

🟢 Would Alonso have won the Monaco GP if he put on the Inters?

BRRRAKE has a pretty interesting analysis on his twitter account saying that he would’ve taken home the no. 1 spot, but we’ve been reading different opinions.

🏆 Three different teams featured on the Monaco podium after a weather-affected Grand Prix in which Max Verstappen strengthened his grip on the championship with a crushing win.

On a weekend that the often criticised circuit delivered a qualifying session for the ages, there was no shortage of talking points in the paddock. Here’s what we learned from F1’s jewel in the crown – Read more

🔵 Esteban Ocon, the kid who almost flipped burgers, now challenges F1 champions on slippery tracks

Sunday’s Monaco GP was a masterclass in weather wrestling from Esteban Ocon. Even the seasoned “rain whisperer,” Lewis Hamilton, had a tough time. Yet, our protagonist parked his Alpine on the podium.

Ocon started Sunday’s race in third, thanks to a penalty on Charles Leclerc. Like a cat pouncing on a mouse, he seized the moment and roared uphill behind Verstappen and Alonso, leaving a Ferrari to eat his dust.

⚫️ George Russell laments lack of focus that cost him podium spot in Monaco. – Read more

f1 race reviewFast Lane News

🟠 McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri used race winner Max Verstappen in the rain-hit 2023 Monaco Grand Prix to act as a guide for driving a Formula 1 car in the wet. – Read more

🔵 Red Bull Racing have the most dominant car at the moment in Formula 1, that much is obvious. The team have won all six races. But standing still is going backwards. At Red Bull, therefore, they are not sitting still and for next weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, an update will be included. – Read more

❤️ ICYMI: Red Bull cause chaos on the water and Norris meets Spider-Man – the best social media from Monaco – Read more

🤝 McLaren’s bombshell news of signing Red Bull stalwart Rob Marshall as its new Formula 1 engineering technical director is the clearest sign yet of how it is doing things differently. – Read more

🧒🏽 Formula 1 and Sky Group to co-produce Grand Prix broadcast for children – Read more

⚫️ Mercedes still needs to dial out a “nasty” rear end on its W14 Formula 1 car, despite the progress it feels it has made with its new upgrade. – Read more

🌬 After the next two races, the wind tunnels and CFD will be re-allocated based on the WCC standings.

Ferrari is 4th, 30 points behind Aston and 29 behind Mercedes. It’s unlikely they’ll recover 15 points per race so they will probably have the largest allocation of the top 4