Las Vegas GP Shines in F1

Dive into the Vegas extravaganza, witness team bosses band together, and explore Pirelli’s tire decision in F1’s newest update

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Revving up with the freshest updates from the world of Formula 1, post the dazzling Las Vegas GP.

🎰 Vegas Victory Lap: Despite a rocky start, the Las Vegas GP turned into an unforgettable event! Dive into the highlights and data that made this race a true spectacle.

⏸️ Team Time-Out: In a rare show of unity, team bosses rally for a schedule change after the Las Vegas GP. Discover why this glitzy event left the teams needing a breather and what changes they’re pushing for.

🏎️ Pirelli’s Pause: Pirelli has announced there won’t be new tires rolling out in 2024. Find out what this means for the teams and how they’re gearing up to tackle the tracks with the existing rubber.

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f1 race reviewSpeedy Race Review

🏁 Las Vegas GP Race Review


🏎️ Verstappen’s Early Lead: Despite the chaos, Verstappen secured a significant lead early on

🔄 Turn 1 Tension: Leclerc and Verstappen argued about who was ahead at Turn 1

🚦 Penalty for Verstappen: He got a five-second penalty for the Leclerc incident

🌟 Leclerc’s Strong Show, But…: Ferrari’s pace was on point, but Leclerc lost his tire advantage due to two safety cars and ended up behind.

🔄 Chaos in the Pack: Alonso spun and collided with Bottas, who then hit Perez. Sainz and Hamilton got caught up, too.

💥 Norris’s Crash: Norris crashed at Turn 12, bringing out the safety car.

💥 More Collisions: Verstappen and Russell collided, causing more chaos and another safety car.

🔄 Leclerc’s Last-Minute Move: On the final lap, he snatched second place from Perez.

🏁 Russell’s Recovery: Despite a strong finish, a penalty dropped him down the rankings.

🔄 Other Notable Performances: Ocon, Stroll, Sainz, Hamilton, and Alonso all had noteworthy races, with various challenges and recoveries.


🎉 We saw an amazing 99 overtakes! That’s the highest number in a dry race since China 2016

🌟 Lewis Hamilton pulled off an impressive 15 on-track passes

Source: TraceInsights

Race Pace

🔴 Ferrari Speed Check: Leclerc nearly matched Verstappen’s pace, just 0.19s/lap slower, even with one less pit stop. He kept up with Perez too.

⚫ Mercedes & 🟠 McLaren had a strong race pace but missed out on big points due to crashes.

🔵 Ocon nailed P4 despite having only the 8th fastest pace.

🏁 Surprising Speed: Stroll outpaced Alonso by a solid 0.37s/lap

Source: FDataAnalysis

💥 Norris’s Vegas GP Crash Explained

Norris's Vegas GP Crash Explained
Source: PlanetF1

Lando Norris had a rough time at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He crashed into a wall early in the race after his car hit a bump. Richard Bradley, a Le Mans winner, explained what happened.

He said that the bump caused Norris’s car to lose balance and crash. This happened because the car’s floor scraped the ground, a problem known as ‘bottoming out.’

Andrea Stella, the McLaren team boss, pointed out that the bump in Turn 11 was the main issue. In races, drivers want their cars as low as possible for better downforce, which can cause problems like what happened to Norris.

Bradley also mentioned how the cold and the slow laps affect the car’s tires, making them less inflated and causing the car to run lower.

That means when the car bottoms out, it stays bottomed out for a longer amount of time, which means the downforce from the floor, which is about 80% of the total downforce, is completely cut – and that’s why corners where you have bumps in the middle of it are really, really treacherous.

Le Mans winner Richard Bradley

The team is asking for the track to be smoothed out to prevent similar crashes in the future. Overall, it was a tough situation, but luckily, Norris came out of it without serious injuries. – Read more

⏰ F1 Bosses Demand Las Vegas GP Schedule Change

F1 Bosses Demand Las Vegas GP Schedule Change
Source: FIA

Formula 1 team principals are rallying together, demanding a change in the Las Vegas Grand Prix schedule. The late hours for this event are proving to be incredibly hard on the teams.

Why It Matters

This year’s event had the latest schedule in F1 history.

Sessions ran past midnight, with some ending at 4 am.

Teams struggled with the time change and the end-of-season fatigue.

What We’re Hearing

🔴 Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur recognizes the challenge of finding a suitable time for a global audience.

🔵 Red Bull’s Christian Horner describes the schedule as “brutal” and suggests running events earlier in the evening.

🟢 Aston Martin’s Mike Krack calls for careful consideration before making changes, given the sport’s strict timing rules.

🔵 AlphaTauri’s Peter Bayer supports changes, drawing on his experience with street race logistics.

Read more

🏎️ No New Tyres for 2024 F1

Source: WTF

Pirelli decided not to introduce any new tire compounds and is actually getting rid of the P0 tyre, which was the P1 compound from 2022. This means that for the next season, we’re back to five tire compounds, with C1 being the hardest and C5 the softest. The colors will stay the same, so the softest tire will still be red, the medium yellow, and the hardest white.

Pirelli’s Head of Motorsport, Mario Isola, mentioned there will be a test day after the grand prix where each team can run two cars – one for young drivers and the other for tire testing.

So the test could be helpful for the teams to work on tyre management by gathering data for next season. The teams will have a predetermined tyre allocation for the test. The car doing the tyre work will have 10 sets available at the test, consisting of one C1, one C2, two C5, and three sets each of C4 and C3.

Pirelli’s Head of Motorsport, Mario Isola

For the Abu Dhabi race, Pirelli’s bringing the C3-C4-C5 range, the same as they did in Las Vegas and at last year’s Yas Marina event. – Read more

🎰 Is Las Vegas F1’s New Monaco?

Source: Goodwood

After decades of effort, F1 finally hit the jackpot with a race in Las Vegas, which was spectacular! This raises an interesting question: Has Las Vegas become the new, updated version of the Monaco Grand Prix, ideally suited for the 21st century?

Between The Lines

  • Despite its storied history and status as F1’s ‘jewel in the crown,’ the Monaco race hasn’t been much of a show for a long time. It maintained its place more for its business value than for on-track excitement.
  • You might recall hearing how Monaco was the hotspot for sealing big sponsorship deals. But times have changed. The allure of yacht parties and harbor handshakes isn’t what it used to be in today’s business world.
  • From a sporting perspective, F1 outpaced Monaco’s narrow streets years ago. If Monaco GP were a new proposal today, would it get approved? Should its long-standing history be its only saving grace?

Go Deeper

When you look at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, it appears F1 has found a contemporary alternative to Monaco. It’s in a bustling, affluent area, and teams are already touting its commercial benefits.

Some might find the idea of replacing Monaco with Las Vegas unthinkable. But considering Las Vegas’ success, perhaps it’s Miami that should feel the heat, not Monaco. Miami’s race, despite the hype, hasn’t delivered much in terms of racing excitement.

Times change, and sometimes, we must leave beloved traditions behind, no matter how cherished they are. Monaco will always be a significant chapter in F1’s history, but is that enough to justify its place in the ever-evolving F1 calendar?

Las Vegas, on the other hand, seems to offer what Monaco can’t anymore. – Read more

f1 race reviewBanned Technological Innovations in F1

In the high-octane world of F1 racing, technological innovation is as much a part of the competition as the drivers themselves. Teams constantly push the boundaries of engineering, seeking every possible advantage on the track.

However, this relentless pursuit of speed and efficiency often leads to controversial innovations, some of which have been banned by the sport’s governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Let’s take a look at 10 such innovations that were too good for the racetrack.


f1 race reviewFast Lane News

📢 Nyck de Vries has just inked a deal to join Toyota’s WEC Hypercar program. – Read more

🕺 Lance Stroll urges caution with the ‘F1 show,’ saying he doesn’t want it to become a weekly dance spectacle. – Read more

🟠 McLaren target Red Bull’s DRS strength with significant MCL60 upgrade – Read more

🕤 Toto Wolff shares one thing he would change for the Las Vegas race. – Read more

🎪 Daniel Ricciardo thinks other F1 drivers overreact to the Vegas ‘show’ issues. – Read more

🏁 Toto Wolff makes a sharp comment about the 2021 Abu Dhabi race director before the F1 finale. – Read more

⚫️ Mercedes debrief talks reveal Max Verstappen ‘surprise’ at Las Vegas Grand Prix – Read more

🔴 Ferrari plans talks with Liberty Media about Carlos Sainz’s crash, citing significant consequences. – Read more

🆓 Brundle advocates for increased independence for F1 stewards. – Read more

💰 Lewis Hamilton’s debut Mercedes F1 car sold for an astonishing $18.8 million. – Read more

f1 race reviewTHE 2023 ABU DHABI GP

🇦🇪 Scheduled 24-26 November

Yas Marina Circuit – Abu Dhabi, UAE

1️⃣ Circuit length: 5.281km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 58
3️⃣ Lap record: 1:26.103 Max Verstappen (2021)
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 16 corners & 2 DRS zone

f1 race reviewMEME OF THE DAY

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