Leclerc’s Melodious Move?

Singapore GP Marina Bay Circuit
Red Bull’s engine ambitions, Sainz’s unique 2023 record, and Leclerc’s musical debut? Dive in for F1’s hottest updates you won’t want to miss!

Hey there, podium-sitter! 👋

This week, it’s not just about speed on the tracks but also what’s brewing off them!

🔧 Red Bull’s New Arena? There’s a buzz in the paddock about Red Bull possibly diving into the engine business! This could be a game-changer, as they might distribute engines to four teams.

🏎️ Sainz Sets the Pace! Sainz has cruised into the history books with a unique F1 record for 2023. We’ve got all the details on what makes this achievement so special.

🎤 Leclerc Hits a New Note! Hold onto your helmets because Leclerc is making a melodious detour. With Monaco now eligible for Eurovision, Charles is joking about a music career! Will the podium be swapped for a stage? 😜

Strap in and get ready to dive into all this and more.

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Pit Stop Talks

🏎️🏎️ F1 cars tougher to tail

Drivers are saying that today’s Formula 1 cars are becoming as tough to tail as those from 2020 and 2021. Removing Zandvoort from the picture, there was not much overtaking this year.

F1 cars tougher to tail

Despite seeing exciting races like the Italian Grand Prix, there are worries. As teams are constantly innovating to improve their cars, it’s causing a change in airflow that makes it harder for one car to follow another.

This might mean F1 will have to depend more on DRS to make sure there’s good competition on certain tracks.

In 99% of the tracks I think we’re going to need DRS, and we’re going to need a powerful DRS, because these cars from the beginning of the year are starting to become a bit like 2021 or 2020 where it is difficult to follow.

Carlos Sainz

Max Verstappen says his Red Bull’s strong DRS has helped him overtake this year, but he also feels today’s cars are tougher to race. – Read more

📈Sainz sets unique 2023 F1 record

While Max Verstappen was busy making F1 history with 10 back-to-back race wins, Carlos Sainz was setting his own 2023 record. It’s not exactly the kind of record F1 would brag about.

Sainz sets unique 2023 F1 record
Source: The New York Times

Kicking off the Italian GP, Carlos led for 14 laps. Then Max zoomed past him.

🥈 Now, here’s the record: those 14 laps Carlos led were the most by any non-Red Bull driver in the 2023 season.

Check out the lap leaders in 2023 so far so far:












🤯Mind-blowing moment: Red Bull led an incredible 799 of the 847 laps in the past 14 races. – Read more

🔵 Red Bull’s bold F1 engine goals

Red Bull is stepping up its game! After Honda decided to leave F1 in 2021, Red Bull took charge of their own engine department. While they still get some help from Honda, by 2026, they’ll be going solo and have even set up a new base.

Why it matters:

Christian Horner says they have the capability to supply engines to four F1 teams. But he’s also keen on taking things slow, starting with just their two teams, Red Bull and AlphaTauri.

If in the future we’re attractive to customers that’s something we’d certainly be open to, to supply more teams in the future. But I think, as I say, we want to establish ourselves first and earn our stripes.

Christian Horner

Currently, Mercedes is the kingpin, powering most teams, including Aston Martin, McLaren, and Williams. – Read more

💰 FIA sharpens scrutiny on F1 finances

After all the buzz and tension about F1’s cost cap, the FIA finally gave all ten teams a pass.

But even with this thumbs up, some are still side-eyeing a few teams. The cost cap will only stick if teams trust it’s being enforced fairly.

Credibility passes through the guarantee that everything is controlled down to the smallest detail. And, in the event of an infringement, there must be an exemplary sporting punishment, a sanction that definitively discourages [teams] from breaking the rules.”

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali

Why it matters:

Trust in the F1 cost cap is crucial for two big reasons:

1️⃣ Teams don’t peek into their competitors’ financials or know the FIA’s reasons behind cost cap decisions.

2️⃣ Once the FIA approves the Cost Cap Compliance certificates, there’s no turning back. Teams can report suspected cheats, but only from January to April.

After that? No appeals. The only exception? If an insider exposes a breach, triggering an FIA investigation.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Stepping up the checks

Stepping up the checks
Source: Grand Prix 247

The FIA went all out this year with their checks. They expanded their team, threw detailed questions at the teams, and did some digital snooping to ensure honesty.

Although a bit overwhelming, many teams felt this scrutiny was a good move. And with new rules on the horizon, such as the TD45 directive about non-F1 activities influencing spending, expect even deeper dives in 2024. – Read more

🟠 McLaren shifts focus to 2024

McLaren’s boss, Andrea Stella, just shared that they’re wrapping up work on their MCL60 and are all-in on next year’s car.

Why this matters:

Pretty big deal, especially since McLaren had the most noticeable jump this season with the MCL60 – from barely getting points to often aiming for the podium.

Stella emphasized that the main attention is now on their 2024 beast.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t have any new part, because actually there’s a time lag between the development at the factory and the delivery of parts trackside. So we will see some new parts coming in the next couple of races and we hope that by improving our performance, we will be able to consolidate the good results we have had lately, and possibly lean on the podiums once more before the end of the season.

Andrea Stella

At the moment, McLaren’s ranked fifth. Alpine’s not too far back. – Read more

🟢 Krack: “Our drivers need better cars.”

Mike Krack, the head of the Aston Martin racing team, feels that they need to give their drivers a better car.

Krack: "Our drivers need better cars."

After a tough race in Monza, where Fernando Alonso finished ninth, and Lance Stroll only managed 16th, it’s clear the team faced some challenges. This particular performance even pushed Aston down to fourth in the Constructors Championship.

Krack emphasized that it’s crucial for the team to learn from Monza and ensure they provide a top-notch car, especially for tracks like the upcoming Las Vegas race.

He praised both Alonso and Stroll for their efforts.

After a tough race in Monza, where Fernando Alonso finished ninth, and Lance Stroll only managed 16th, it’s clear the team faced some challenges. This particular performance even pushed Aston down to fourth in the Constructors Championship.

Krack emphasized that it’s crucial for the team to learn from Monza and ensure they provide a top-notch car, especially for tracks like the upcoming Las Vegas race.

He praised both Alonso and Stroll for their efforts.

Mike Krack

While Aston Martin is slowing down its development, Krack confirmed there are still improvements in the works for the AMR23 car. He’s hopeful these updates will make a difference in the upcoming races. – Read more

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Start Strong: F1’s Crucial Grid Formations

Ever noticed how, before the roar of the engines and the blazing speed, there’s a quiet moment where F1 cars are neatly lined up? This isn’t just for a picturesque view but marks the start of a tactical dance that’s central to every race.

This formation is the starting grid, and it plays a much larger role than you might think. Let’s uncover the importance of this alignment.

What is the F1 starting grid?

Think of the starting grid as the kick-off point of an F1 race. It’s the lineup of all the cars in two columns, staggered from each other, based on the order they qualified. So, the fastest car from the qualifying session will start from the very front (pole position), and the slowest one from the very back.


Fast Lane News

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Scheduled 15-17 September

Marina Bay Circuit
Singapore GP Marina Bay Circuit

1️⃣ Circuit length: TBC
2️⃣ Number of laps: 63 (TBC)
3️⃣ Lap record: N/A because the track was overhauled
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 19 corners with 3 DRS zones

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