Singapore GP: Risk Meets Rewards

Teams don’t want to stop Red Bull's dominance?
From Red Bull’s soaring ambitions to Singapore’s game-changing upgrades, check out F1’s off-track drama and see who is back in the paddock

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🚀 Only Three More Seats! With Zhou Guanyu confirming he’s sticking with Alfa Romeo, the grid is almost full. Who do you think will clinch them?

🚀 Red Bull’s Relentless Race! They’re on a quest to extend their victory lap, but, rest assured, the rest of the paddock isn’t too keen on letting them have all the limelight. Will they maintain their dominance, or is a shake-up in the offing?

🏙️ Singapore’s Surprise! Singapore has some tech-tastic updates and upgrades for their race machines. But find out what happens if a team pushes too far with their engines.

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f1 race review  Pit stop talks

⚙️Teams tweak high-load wings

RedBull’s Rear Wing Update

  • Cut end plate for better top speed
  • Followed the lead of Aston, Merc, AT, Alpine, and McLaren
RedBull's Rear Wing Update

Singapore Grand Prix Insights

  • Importance: Traction on short straights
  • Most teams using high-load wings

Team Choices:

  • Ferrari & Haas: Kept original wing design
  • McLaren: Only one wing got the cut, not the high-load one
Teams tweak high-load wings
Source: @AlbertFabrega
Throwback to Zandvoort:

Ferrari had the least downforce as their high-downforce wing had problems:

  • More drag
  • Less downforce
  • Unpredictable behavior
Ferrari had the least downforce as their high-downforce wing had problems:
Source: @AlbertFabrega


🟠McLaren’s Big Singapore Upgrade

Flashback: Remember their performance boost in Austria? This is even bigger.

Who gets it: Lando Norris will debut the upgrades in Singapore. Oscar Piastri gets his in Japan next week.

Upgrade Details:

Front: New wing shape for better aerodynamics

Engine Cover: Updated for improved airflow

Floor: Redesigned with changes to the sidepod

Halo: Adjusted for aerodynamic efficiency

Rear: Modified brake ducts, suspension, and a special rear wing

Source: @albertfabrega


📜Singapore GP faces new flex rules

The FIA is dropping a new technical rule for the F1 race in Singapore this weekend as they want to keep the race as fair and equal as they can among all teams.

Why this matters: This new rule focuses mainly on the aerodynamics of the cars. While this new directive isn’t a massive tome like some others, it’s still pretty crucial. It zeroes in on how flexible the F1 cars’ bodywork can be, especially the front and rear wings.

Tim Goss, the FIA’s Single Seater Technical Director, shed some light on this.

There are a lot of clever engineers out there looking to get the most out of the regulations and we have to make sure that everyone has a common understanding of where the boundaries are and we have to be fair and balanced across the whole group in how we apply them. And in recent times we have seen a little bit too much freedom being applied to the design details of aerodynamic components.

Tim Goss

Diving into the nitty-gritty, there’s an F1 rule (Article 3.2.2) that says aerodynamic parts must be super firm and mostly still. This new directive means that any movement in car parts can be seen as breaking this rule, even if it fits within another rule about aerodynamics (Article 3.15). – Read more

📃Teams split on new DRS proposal

Formula 1 teams couldn’t unanimously decide to add a fourth DRS zone for the upcoming 2023 Singapore Grand Prix.

Many drivers are surprised because the back straight at Marina Bay was changed due to some construction work. Instead of the usual sharp turns from 16 to 19, now there’s a long, speedy straight part. They thought it’d be a perfect place for another DRS zone, especially since overtaking at Marina Bay is challenging.

The drivers hope to discuss this with the FIA during the Friday briefing. But don’t hold your breath for a DRS trial in FP1 – it’s probably not happening because it’s too last-minute, and safety is a concern.

The FIA was open to the idea. They even contacted all the F1 teams a while ago to see what they thought. The feedback was mixed, and only some people responded. So, for now, no extra DRS zone for the Singapore Grand Prix. – Read more

🛑Teams don’t want to stop Red Bull’s dominance?

This Singapore GP might be the trickiest race for Red Bull this year, especially as they’re aiming for a perfect season. A construction detour has changed a chunk of the Marina Bay circuit, which might give Ferrari a shot at taking the lead.

Teams don’t want to stop Red Bull's dominance?


If either Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez don’t clinch the top spot, it’ll be tough for them to bounce back due to certain track conditions and how the DRS system works.

Red Bull’s winning streak, which started last year in Abu Dhabi, could’ve been challenged way before now. If Formula 1 used something like Balance of Performance (BoP), things might have been closer at the top.

BoP is used in other car races to make sure different types of cars can compete fairly. If F1 adopted it, the aim would be to give fans closer and more exciting races.

But, here’s the deal: Teams aren’t into this idea.

We don’t want to have any help. We want to close the gap by our own means. And we like this challenge. And that’s what we want for the next couple of years.

Andrea Stella

Red Bull may seem unbeatable now because they’ve been perfecting their current concept for two years. But that doesn’t mean others can’t catch up. – Read more

🔒 Alfa Romeo Locks Zhou for 2024

Zhou Guanyu is sticking with Alfa Romeo for the 2024 F1 season, teaming up again with Valtteri Bottas.

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There was talk of Formula 2 champ Theo Pourchaire taking his spot, but Zhou sealed the deal. He’s especially excited about racing in China.

I am also very excited about the opportunity to finally race with my team in China, in front of my home crowd. It will be a great moment and I’m proud to be able to share it with all those who have supported me.

Zhou Guanyu

Alfa Romeo’s representative, Alessandro Alunni Bravo, highlighted their choice was for stability, especially with Audi joining the scene in 2026.

“Valtteri and Zhou are drivers of known talent and skill and they work really well together: they are well-matched and can push each other.”

Alessandro Alunni Bravo

Only three seats are left open for the 2024 F1 grid. – Read more

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f1 race reviewTHE SINGAPORE GP

🇸🇬 Scheduled 15-17 September

Marina Bay Circuit


1️⃣ Circuit length: 4.94km
2️⃣ Number of laps: 62
3️⃣ Lap record: N/A because the track was overhauled
4️⃣ Corners & DRS: 19 corners with 3 DRS zones

➡️The SOFTEST range of Pirelli’s tires: C3 – Hard ⚪️, C4 – Medium 🟡, and C5 – Soft 🔴

⚪️ In dry conditions, teams prefer the hardest tire.

Last year: The race was delayed by a storm. Started on intermediate tires, then switched.

A little bit about the track

➡️There’s a 397-meter straight between turns 16 to 19. Corners were reduced from 23 to 19, making the track faster and emphasizing drag.

🖌️Marina Bay has painted lines and manholes, which can affect grip, especially in the rain.

⏱️The longest pit stop (cca 28s) ➡️ one-stop strategy

🕖The track goes counter-clockwise, which puts more wear on the right-hand tires.

📏With many sharp 90-degree corners, good traction is crucial. This leads to increased wear on the rear tires.

🏁Starting position matters as overtaking’s tough. Qualifying performance is key.

The SOFTEST range of Pirelli's tires: C3



f1 race reviewMEME OF THE DAY

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